Gran Turismo PSP Cockpit View: Gameplay Footage

Who knew the PSP game would also contain a "cockpit cam"?

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Montrealien2958d ago

I agree, this game can not come soon enough.

ThanatosDMC2958d ago

Wow, that PSP is jacked up full of fingerprints. I'm surprised they didnt use PSP Go... im still worried about the size of the thing my hands might get tired or sore afterwards.

PirateThom2958d ago


I honestly had no idea.


Flopza 3 = Owned by GTPSP.

Oh well...

Gamer11112958d ago

oo man droids make me laugh. thanks

butterfinger2958d ago

two butt buddies. Which one is the catcher?

MaximusPrime2958d ago

how cool is THAT??


dosgrtr2958d ago

why is that view so dark ,can hardly see the steering wheel

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The story is too old to be commented.