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Gran Turismo PSP Cockpit View: Gameplay Footage

Who knew the PSP game would also contain a "cockpit cam"? (Gran Turismo, PSP)

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sinncross  +   1869d ago
Very snazzy!
Montrealien  +   1869d ago
I agree, this game can not come soon enough.
ThanatosDMC  +   1869d ago
Wow, that PSP is jacked up full of fingerprints. I'm surprised they didnt use PSP Go... im still worried about the size of the thing my hands might get tired or sore afterwards.
PirateThom  +   1869d ago

I honestly had no idea.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1869d ago
Flopza 3 = Owned by GTPSP.

Oh well...
Gamer1111  +   1869d ago
oo man droids make me laugh. thanks
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
Look at you...
two butt buddies. Which one is the catcher?
MaximusPrime  +   1869d ago
how cool is THAT??

dosgrtr  +   1869d ago
why is that view so dark ,can hardly see the steering wheel
DJ  +   1869d ago
I love them. I absolutely love Polyphony Digital. It's like having a portable GT5. =D
SuperStrokey1123  +   1869d ago
This game continues to impress me more and more. Im very shocked actually. THis and GT5 will make an amazing combo when you link them.
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
I absolutely...
can't wait! This game has more cars than Forza 3. lol
fermcr11   1869d ago | Spam
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
Wow, you sound butthurt.
Poor little guy, I never said GTPSP was the best racing game ever. It looks like your analogy was totally pointless. Are you that offended that I pointed out that this game on a portable device has more cars than Forza 3 on a home console? It's obvious why you have 3 measly bubbles, you're extremely sensitive about your video games. XD
rareairtone  +   1869d ago
Butterfinger, have you ever considered that the 400 cars was a conscience decision by turn 10? I don't think they were particularly limited; and they only had 2-3 years to develop the game; unlike gt psp which has been in development since like 2004 or something. GT psp's development spans forza 2 and forza 3.

gt 5 has been in development probably since 2004 (concurrently with the finishing of gt4)

so what's your point?

it's about time, not the developer's lack of skill to include a comparable amount of cars...
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
@ rareairtone
WTF are you talking about? When did I say anything bad about Forza 3? I probably play Forza 2 more than you play any game on your XBOX, and I am definitely looking forward to Forza 3. I was simply pointing out that this handheld game has double the cars, which is impressive regardless of how much you want to downplay it. Did you ever think that Micro put a rush on Turn 10 to make sure Forza 3 got out before GT5 and that is why it only has 400 cars? Or did you think that maybe MS is going to try to rape people on DLC cars and they only allowed Turn 10 to put 400 on the disc? Once again, I never said anything bad about Forza 3, but you stupid little kids want to argue because you are so worried about the fact that Forza 3 only has 400 cars. Nobody here is making Forza 3's amount of cars look bad except you fanboys that constantly feel the need to defend it. Get a life, kid.
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   1869d ago
@ rareairtone
as many know i never pick a fight about games or act like a fanboy but and it's a huge but ( as huge as Gabe's but ) i will bad mouth and insult Forza 3's 400 cars due to Turn10's undeserved c0ckyness . Forza 3 the so called definitive racer this gen only has 400 cars even last gens GT4 had more cars and a PSP game has double the amount the so called definitive racer has and on 1 UMD disc while Forza 3 needs 2 disc for the 400 cars . that was my insult to Forza 3 but i have nothing against Forza 3 only it's developers
fermcr11   1869d ago | Spam
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
@ fermcr11
Oh, now I'm being called a PS3 fanboy? LMAO! You should check my past comments and you will find that just a few hours ago another member was accusing me of being an XBOX360 fanboy. All of you stupid kids and your precious video game consoles. lol. My first comment was a fact, was it not? GTPSP has double the cars that Forza 3 has, does it not? That is a testament to Polyphony Digital's work ethic, and not a shot at Turn 10. It's not my fault that you are so easily offended, so why don't you go cry all over your XBOX now.
lelo2play  +   1869d ago
@butterfinger ... why don't you and Sony just get a room, since you are so much in love with each other.

As for the game... looks good for the PSP.
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
Nice one, lelo, very original! If you morons could see past your own blind fanboyism, you would check my comments and see that just earlier today I was getting bashed for being a 360 fanboy. So, you tell me, how is it that I am now a PS3 fanboy after just being a 360 fanboy? All of you little morons are completely upset and devastated that I mentioned that GTPSP has double the cars that Forza 3 has. Why do you care so much?! I thought Forza 3 was "the definitive racing game this generation", so why would you care if it only has 400 cars?! You people are hilarious! All the while, I will be the one that ACTUALLY (as in real life, not your computer lives) gets to play and enjoy ALL of them (GTPSP, Forza 3, and GT5). lol. Go cry to your parents, no one cares about your tears here.
Avto  +   1869d ago
X  +   1869d ago
The waiting will be over soon, and it looks like it was well worth it. Good job PD. Looking forward to the features of this game for sure.
sajj316  +   1869d ago
Getting a PSP Go! Pre-order GT5, get GT PSP! Game on!
infamous_27  +   1869d ago
Hell Yeahzz!!
nuff said.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1869d ago
GT PSP does own Forza 3 in every way apart from graphics it's a flippin fact! butterfingers.
butterfinger  +   1869d ago
Calm down, b!tch! I'm getting both of them. lmao. Waaahhh Waaahhh "it's a fact!" Waaahhhh Waaahhhh XD
FantasyStar  +   1869d ago
It's very simplistic, but it gets the job done.
Pentex  +   1869d ago
The guy is braking with triangle?! Anyway, he's horrendous playing the game, makes me not want to see the whole video.
rareairtone  +   1869d ago
Gotta be kidding me!
That's hella clean! :D
spongeboob  +   1869d ago
The open zone is filled with jealous xbots and the funny thing is they are jealous of a handheld game. I don't blame them, this game makes forza 3 look bad.
NaiNaiNai  +   1869d ago
I have a great feeling people will just love the PsP analog after this game. XD
TrevorPhillips  +   1869d ago
good game getting it for sure, big fan of gt games got all collections.
jonnyp777  +   1868d ago
No doubt this game looks good, but I have a question. Why do a lot of PSP games have what looks to me like a sort of diamond pattern across the screen? It's almost like it's a filter I'm looking through. It doesn't matter if it's a screen shot, in-game paused or in motion, racing or sports, I've noticed this pattern on a lot of games. What is it? Something to do with the lighting? Games would look a lot better if they weren't there somehow. It's bugged me for so long.

Look at this zoomed in picture of the windshield to see the pattern I'm talking about. And it's not because I zoomed it in, It's on the original too.

Related image(s)
clinker  +   1868d ago
To answer your question, that is a dithering filter used when rendering graphics on the PSP. It reduces processor load (by actually rendering a smaller number of points per cycle. But it does have the benefit of also cutting down on jaggies. Not all PSP games use it, but many 3D intensive games do.
jonnyp777  +   1868d ago
...I looked it up on Wikipedia. That's pretty interesting, and makes sense. I'm glad I at least know what it is now, so it shouldn't bug me anymore. I will probably even start to appreciate it, haha. +Bubble for you.
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