New Timeshift Trailer

GamingTalkHQ discovered a new trailer hat was recently released on the official site for Timeshift. They also have a youtube version on the site. Check out the sick video

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nebpredude844242d ago

they didnt discover nothing..........there was a countdown on the website telling you when the trailer was gonna be is that discovering...even gametrailer had it seconds after the trailer came out...

crazyman4242d ago

When I first heard of this game I thought it sounded cool, until the E3 footage, after which the game disappeared. This has gone some way to restoring my faith in it. Although its CGI so whever they have actually done graphics for it by now I dunno.

But heres hoping

nebpredude844242d ago

i hope they can pull off what they said they were gonna

MK_Red4241d ago

The trailer looks hot but will it ever be released (And with all the good features)?