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Ichiryoka3352d ago

I have no words for how great this game looks! I mean all the details and reflections, its crazy.

BulletToothtony3352d ago

every detail taken care of.. they didn't aimed for excellence.. they aimed for perfection.. WELL done polyphony!

DavidMacDougall3352d ago

I knew it was going to look good but damn! The wait was worth it.

Megaton3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Can't even get to the page, GamerSyde is getting raped with hits. Anyone got an alt?

Edit - Finally got to the vid, looks amazing. I'm not even a sim fan, haven't played one since GT2, but I think I've gotta get this.

KingAlaBala3352d ago

this video brings back so many memories :) its amazing how much PD has changed the Gran Turismo series from the first one to GT5! Back when I had Gran Turismo I always dreamt of a future GT game to be so realistic....And now its here.

Technology is AMAZING

Guido3352d ago

There are no reports of this game crashing PS3's at the confrence! Kudos Sony for a great game and a great console!

hay3352d ago

Niceee, can't wait for some direct feed.

Saigon3352d ago

know the features compared to F3...

bpac1234567893352d ago

graphically its a step up from prologue. Its not a leap like uncharted 1 - uncharted 2, but then again the video isn't in HD(at least not the youtube one, cant get into gamersyde right now) so i could be wrong. But regardless, Im so glad they released a demo of the game and I just hope they announce a release date for this year. That would make my holiday.

- I really hope they release it this year not just for me, but so turn-10 can shut up about there game being the definitive racing game. The challenger always wants to talk sh** when the champs not in the ring. but when its time to put the gloves on than turn 10 is really going to have to put there money where there mouth is. And i think most of us know who will be the victor.

ultimolu3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

...Santa Maria....o_o

I'm running out of surprise words.

There is NO WAY that's GT5. I'm...stunned. I thought it was a real life video.

WhittO3352d ago

That is some of the most realistic lighting ive seen !! Almost Crysis levels ! (before anyone jumps on me i was talking lighting, not everything else lol)

Ravage273352d ago

This could be the last driving game ever released and i won't even care. GT5 will be the only one that matters.

Omfg look at the lighting!!!! Now that's what i call 'Virtual Reality'

Game13a13y3352d ago

now thats what i call the "definitive" racing sim game. none of those shinny bright color candy B$.

callahan093352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

This video is really somethin' else:

Showing the damage modeling in a replay. It is extremely accurate damage modeling and car physics. The physics when the car hits the wall seem just about as perfect as I've ever seen in a racing game. Every single slight bump or nudge to the front of the vehicle after the bumper comes loose, you can see the bumper bob up and down and rock a little as it sways on the little piece that still connects it to the automobile. It's pretty incredible.

@ 30 seconds when that other car comes up and rams from behind and the door flies off? That's cool.

LiL T3352d ago

Thanks for posting that. The damage is sweet, can't wait to play this game.I really hope it comes out this year but not really because I have to buy a g25/27 wheel and I just pre ordered UC2 and GTpsp.Damn I wish I had a tonne of money.

uie4rhig3352d ago

dude, you must have gotten the wrong video! that's real life!! ARGH!!!
hmm, on closer inspection: WOW!!! just WOW!!

no seriously, in the beginning was like, "WTF? since when does gamersyde have videos thats not game related?!!!!?"
then i was like "......"
then i was like "........."
then i was like "WTF? THIS IZZ GT5!!!!!!"

Boody-Bandit3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

All we need now is a release date.
Hopefully they will announce it at TGS next month.

sonarus3352d ago

Looks like PS3 fanboys are all crawling out of their holes now that PS3 price drop has come and PS3 is set to start selling well again and the 360 fanboys have crawled back into their holes

Oh well. Nothing special about that vid. Thats just a standard gran turismo vid like we have seen before. I want to see something new dammit

IzKyD13313352d ago

The guy who was playing really sucked, he was over steering, accelerating at the wrong times.....must be his first time

3352d ago
randomwiz3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

I can't wait to get a steering wheel and drive cars I'll never be able to purchase in my life

In every real racing sim... i really wish there was a city/highway setting that you can drive the car in. Im probably never going to be able to buy a ferrari, but it would be cool to drive one in this game on city/highway

na2ru13352d ago

Wish I could afford the steering wheel. Controller isn't all that great when you you want to take corners fast since it's too easy to oversteer.

Q. Is it true the official GT5 steering wheel has full turn lock like real cars?

FamilyGuy3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

I love that they host downloads for their video, it looks all the more glorious in higher resolutions.

PD put so much into their games it's like a crime that we get them for the same price as other games. They really go above and beyond.

Chimerhazzard3352d ago

I can't help but say:


Now seriously, I am more of a PC gamer myself and altough I love my PS3, I try to defend PC gaming over console gaming whenever possible... but damn, no matter how hard it is to admit, that looks better than most PC titles out there! And I have a pretty good rig. I'm glad I bought my PS3 :D

FlameBaitGod3352d ago


Buttons3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )



Edit: Wait, that wasn't real? OSHI-

killedinaction93352d ago

there's something not right in that video...

the evo doesn't get a scratch...
meh,,its probably nothing.

the lighting is too good to be true.

y0haN3352d ago

Watch the Forza 3 stream after this it looks like a PS2 game. GT5's graphics are amazing looking.

ThanatosDMC3351d ago

Well, good thing PS3's price went down so that 360 fans dont have to just stick with Forza. Join us... oh wait! Ones everybody in N4G gets a PS3... it'll be a boring place since we'll all end up agreeing!

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Ninjamonkey3352d ago

haha nearly went to post this myself after finding it on Gamespot.

Not bad footage. The colour scheme is very different to forza 3, more true to life.

Cant say which games looks better though as its off screen.

Ichiryoka3352d ago

Gran Turismo 5 looks way better than Forza3, and you can tell by looking at all the details added in the game as well as it looking true to life.

Ninjamonkey3352d ago

Im actually pro PS3. But you wouldnt know that since your never on the gamer zone instead you randomly post in the open zone with posts which just bash the 360 endlessly.

Im not even sure if your actually posting, its like your just spamming random posts onto N4G...

Nelson M3352d ago

Now Get your pro ps3 ass back to the gamerzone then NinjaBaboon
Were only the sensible gamers play

Ninjamonkey3352d ago

Tbh it was an accident posting here in the first place...

Never posting anything logical here again...

So I'll end with something better suited to here.


TheTruth893352d ago

Become one of us!


N4G king3352d ago

@ Ninjamonkey


50CALheadshot3352d ago

i love how pd has clearly succeeded in recreating real life visuals.

but then take 10 has failed miserably trying to copy gran turismo.

NO MORE COPY N PASTE technique. 360 cant keep up anymore.

360_Rules3351d ago

I am coming back in October to Own you fool! Forza 3 is going to get high scores. Oh and Forza 3 had damage to all cars not only 175 and it also has flips I doubt GT5 is going to have that. I saw that video I didn't even notice. The graphics aren't better then Forza 3 they look like crap like your PS3 slim! Hahahahahahahahaa

MGSR THE HD VERSION3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

GT5's car damage is crap, its just a car dismount reaction rather than a deformation, and the so called damage ain't even for all the cars.

there was no deformation............if you look at it there's not even a scratch on the car, after hitting a fvcking wall.

El Botto3351d ago

Damn! The ultimate racing game is near.

Bots have fun painting your toycars.

Gran Turismo real life counterpart:

Flopza real life counterpart


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Ninver3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Wow wow wow this is absolutely incredible footage. Man PD are bringing the sh!t storm with GT5.

Edit: Track/tire deformation confirmed!. Notice at 1:50 the car crashes into the wall protection pads and they go flying off. Also note at the first turn your car drives through the tire smoke and the smoke disintegrates. The "REAL" definitive racing game of this gen is finally at hand.

Ninver3352d ago

lol gamersyde is getting hammered with hits.

Pentex3352d ago

Well, i'm glad to know i'm not the only one. I was wondering how come it wouldn't load anymore, i wasn't expecting one single little video would do that, but damn, this is GT5 power right here. When this game finally comes, it will be madness!

wxer3352d ago

thats forza

this is


3352d ago
achira3352d ago

cant wait for this game. best graphics ever.