Halo3 Beta Guide Coming May15th Is reporting that In this weeks Bungie update Frankie has revealed a few details regarding Halo2, and Halo3. In regards to Halo2, they believe they have resolved all "Blastacular Map Pack" issues with downloading. Now some news about Halo3, Frankie announced that on May15th (Yes one day before the beta!) will be home to a Halo3 Beta guide that will be updated with information regarding the Beta, including but not limited to FAQs, tips and tricks, map guides and more.

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ASSASSYN 36o4246d ago

On may 16th I will kill so many people in Halo 3. I will teabag their corpse like a retarded kid trapped in a candy store high on sugar.

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4246d ago

Be on the look out for my clan RATED R,come in our room we'll be more than happy to blow your head off ;)

MastaGT4245d ago

I look forward to whooping some ass and taking some names.

For it's not how good you are...but how badly you want it!

Gamertag: Master Chief GT

Clan: L3git Mod3rs [Modding with style since 2006]

gta_cb4245d ago

cool, look forward to playing on there with/against you :) my gamertag is on my profile

dominusbellum4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

only thing i hate about halo is all the endless trashtalking and another male saying he raped another male(wtf?) especially when the trashtalking is coming from a little kid who gets one lucky kill on you even though u have been annihalating him the whole match.

also does anyone know if you can still bxr or double shot(rrx?)