PS3 Home Video Spoof

Ever wonder what Home is really all about? User syncc decided to make an informative video to tell everyone what Home can truly provide.

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consolecrusader4243d ago

cough*jealous xb fanboy* cough

drunkpandas4243d ago

Yeah this video made me laugh a lot. Haha

drunkpandas4243d ago

There must be something wrong with your connection. I just tested the link from 5 computers in 3 different states in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape, and Opera and it works perfectly in every one.

kingofps34243d ago

Thanks for letting me know:) I am sorry for the reports:( Now, lets see whats wrong with my connection).

drunkpandas4243d ago

I just asked 4 other users to test the link and it works for them. There is something wrong with kingofps3's connection.

kingofps34243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Works now:) ( 4 me)

drunkpandas4243d ago

No biggie with the reports :) I was just confused. You had me remoting into client's systems all over to make sure I didn't have something going on. Haha

Satanas4242d ago

Not as funny as I was expecting.

I didn't like how there was no spoofed footage, just the voiceover.

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The story is too old to be commented.