DMC4: 1UP impressions

Some nice crisp ingame footage you've not seen before!

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Satanas4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


I need to see if the combat system feels any good.

Hm, I wonder why this links to a Spiderman 3 video?

Real link:

(Fixed 2nd time)

Well 1up seems to be a lot more impressed than Joystiq. That relieves me a little bit. Now I'm anticipating the game more again. =)

VirtualGamer4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


Yeah weird I was able to go to the correct one and it showed the proper id yet when I paste it it revered back somehow to the Spiderman one. In any even, yours works now. Thanks

Satanas4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Wrong link. Use mine, I had to manually find the Video ID.

Edit: No problem. I donno why the link for that particular video is incorrect =/

silent ninja4238d ago

thanks for link can;t wait to try out this game

Satanas4238d ago

Yep. No problem.

First Sigma, then DMC4, then GOWIII.

I'm counting on all of them being good. I need my action game fix. =)

Sevir044238d ago

this game PWNZ lost planet and dead rising if the 360 version looks anywhere tghis good then i really congratulate Capcom on a job well done. my fire for DMC4 has been rekindled, and Nero is all bad ass. I cant wait to own this game. and all those demons in the city reminded me of dead rising a bit. there were thousands on screen. thats just amazing. at the level of destructablity and the sheer speed at how this game plays. i wonder waht the comparisons are gonna be when both NGS and DMC4 are on the market, and which one will get a higher rating. personally cant wait!!!! 60 fps and glorious 1080p and graphics that look better than lost planet. tight controls and better story. more frentic action than DMC3... good gracious i'm SOLD!!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4238d ago

:-) guess its not anymore huh.

Satanas4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

A little slow, are we?


At least now there won't be any more bashing of the game, since everyone gets to play it (not including Wii of course).

trane074238d ago

That comment wasn't even necessary because you knew it would only get something started that wasnt even needed. Grow the hell up. you knew what you were doing. Dont be that person.

Kane & lynch along with trusty bell were once 360 exclusives, but do you hear anyone yapping off "Wasn't this a 360 exclusive once?" No because it would do nothing but get some bull started.

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