PS3 Slim CECH-2000B 250GB Model Uncovered at FCC Site

Today we uncovered a second PS3 Slim model CECH-2000B (not to be confused with the already known CECH-2000A 120GB model) on the FCC site that Sony tried to hide under a company called Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc. of 1518 Ascension Drive in San Mateo CA.

Now, Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc is represented by SCEA's General Council, Riley Russell...

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GrandDragon3042d ago

I hope this model will feature a Chrome finish instead of the Matt Finnish

darthv723042d ago

the current 120gb will be known as the "arcade" version and the bigger 250gb will be the pro.

Mo0eY3042d ago

I love the matte. Chrome is too finger-printy.

cool83042d ago

is going for 299.99 (which it probably wont) it will be KILLER!

darthv723042d ago

going to come out at the higher $399 price point.

randomwiz3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

wow... $399 suddenly seems like so much to pay

Anyway, its probably the current "phat" 160gb w/ uncharted + pain

except this time I think its going to be 250gb w/ uncharted 2 + flower?? @399

ThanatosDMC3042d ago

I bought a 320gb from microcenter for $59.99 guess, it better come with something worth the extra $100?

Godmars2903042d ago

Like a 360's HDD comes with more for the money?

I'm sure some rube is willing to pay someone else $40 to switch out PS3 HDD.

Heck, i would have gone into business doing it if I had thought of it sooner.

RememberThe3573042d ago

A while after the current 160Gb has sold out.

PirateThom3042d ago

If the 250GB SKU was $399, it might be one they use to bundle certain games, say Uncharted 2 or God of War 3 in the future.

I'm not saying this will happen, but the 160GB does come with a game packed in.

dragunrising3042d ago

Why release 2 SKU's? A larger hard drive alone isn't enough incentive to get a 250 GB. If there is a game pack in and wireless N, I'm all over it.

Overall, I really like the look of the PS3 Slim. The matte finish took a minute to get used to, but already I want to sell my PS3 fat.

ThanatosDMC3042d ago

OH! You're awesome to remind me that... i hope they fix the PS3 eating our bandwidths. I hope it just runs like how our computers do. Everytime im downloading something on the PS3 everything internet related slows down.

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Sunny_D3042d ago

If this is true, then Super_Secret was correct all along about the 120gb and 250gb slim ps3's. He sure was right in backing up his claim about in game cross chat not making it in F.W. 3.0 but might come before the end of the year.

ThanatosDMC3042d ago

Yeah, i wonder what other inside scoops he has for us...

TheColbertinator3042d ago

Yeah he was the real deal.I hope he comes to N4G again sometime

OgTheClever3042d ago

He even talked about removing the ability to install another OS, which I didn't really believe at the time. Apparently he will appear in a few months elsewhere on the internet with a different name to reveal more Sony secrets...

saint_john_paul_ii3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

yup, he was very legit. thats why im not really worried about cross game audio chat anymore.

PirateThom3042d ago

That guy pretty much nailed everything, the HDD configs of the slims, the fact there was only one feature removed, but he said cross game chat wouldn't be in the "next" update, it would be one before the end of the year.

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Sarcasm3042d ago

Rumor has it, the PS3 Slim will drop to $99 to compete with the 360 arcade!

Just kidding, I know. Rumors after rumors after rumors.

Especially since after this big one was finally put to rest, more pop up.

Mo0eY3042d ago

And the bots looked to over their console, sank their heads, and sighed... again...

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