Forza 2: Flood of images!

Xboxyde finally received their preview build of Forza 2, unfortunately too late to be able to record videos like lots of others did before they were notified that they actually weren't allowed to. You'll have to live with these images until the review build. A word of warning though, these images are captured with a brand new HD hardware, so you can't directly compare them to the framebuffer shots other sites posted, these images will be slightly more blurry, but with a better color contrast. This method makes it easier to play normally and just save the images afterwards, so it's much better than the other way of doing it.

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FordGTGuy3649d ago

I'm not trying to destroy everything from the original story. Look at the pictures and stop reporting and approve it.

crystallakekiller3648d ago

i'm really not impress by these graphics!i just dont understand why we still have low resolution on paint job..look at all the numbers and logos on the cars....low res!!WHY?

InMyOpinion3647d ago

Me neither. This is not wha I expect the final build to look like.

power of Green 3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Did you read the text?.

The 2nd pic's from GTHD gameplay not even in the same ball park.

Shadow Flare3648d ago

can anyone say...AUTO MODELLISTA?

gta_cb3648d ago

cool images, if MS are reading these comments, PLEASE JUST GIVE US THE FREACK!N DEMO! .... PLEASE! then i can work out if i want to buy it! as i will soon be spending most of my time playing Halo 3 beta and then wont play the forza 2 demo! =(

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