IGN: Fracture Impressions Roundtable

A trio of editors discuss the latest from LucasArts:

Set in a future where the United States has literally been fractured by global warming and a series of natural disasters, Fracture has a science fiction story grounded in the fears of today. A full blown second American civil war has erupted, pitting those east of the mid-country rift known as the Atlantic Alliance against the western states who have allied with several countries from Asia to form the Republic of Pacifica.

It's not just the giant ocean that has formed through the middle of the United States that has set these two sides against each other. Genetic engineering tests done on humans had produced some unforeseen and horrific results, prompting the eastern seaboard to put a ban on the practice. When the scientists moved west and continued work on genetically modifying superior humans, eventually labeled Human 2.0, the US government put a federal ban on such research. This did not go over well and the western states announced their intentions to secede.

This is where Mason Briggs, the demolitions expert and hero of Fracture, steps into the picture. The war has begun, but this is far from a traditional war. The Atlantic Alliance, of which Mason fights for, has developed some fancy technology after their focus on research shifted away from genetics. The Republic of Pacifica, meanwhile, has produced superhumans to fight the war. Both sides have learned how to use terrain deforming weapons that they can use to modify their terrain to gain a tactical advantage, create cover, attack enemies, and cross otherwise impassable terrain.

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