Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite a Slap in the Face for Gaming Industry

A complete breakdown on what's broken about Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite, and why the entire third model and strategy may be nothing more than a slap in the face for the entire gaming industry.

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Ignorant Fanboy4215d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Thats not so bad, my hip brace only cost that much, and it keeps me upright.

Diselage4214d ago

No idea why people complain about 80 more bucks when you get 80 more gigs and an HDMI port. If it was a PS2 in white people would pay $80+ over retail for it.

Satanas4215d ago

What if you WANT an Elite? What if you WANT HDMI, a bigger HDD and a black casing?

Why the hell shouldn't you buy one?

This is a pretty dumb article. $80+ isn't outrageous at all.

D3acon4214d ago

You're paying an extra $80 for things that should be no more than the current $399 premium. You're paying a lot of money for substandard parts. When the 360 launched I knew it was mistake just because it didn't include a lot of things it should have, hd-dvd being one. I thought at least it would be using the new 65nm chips but no it still uses the standard, it in the article he states that they are using outdated HDMI port, 1.2, not 1.3.

The things microsoft is pedellling is indeed a lot more than they should be and they are charging the consumer a lot more than it costs to produce. Basically they are selling you the same box for a bigger cost and that is why the article calls you an idiot for buying a 360.

I suppose the costs is not a problem if you don't own a 360 but if you have one and switch it out for this garbage then you would fall under the articles suggested label.

power of Green 4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Its a good deal no matter how one tries and spin it. 120 gig drive for $40 and HDMI/cable for $40 thats the best way to look at it. The i think the Elite's great and i think the Elite's a bad idea is getting old fast.

Don't be shocked if a PS3 fanatic post this story lets hope its just a 360 fan that has some how felt cheated.

gta_cb4214d ago

completely agree its not a bad deal, i ONLY wish we had the 1.3 HDMI rather then the older 1.2 HDMI but then again im sure they will simply just do a slite mod on a futer version of the 360, but for the mean time, i am completely happy with my componant HDTV :D (although i do have a HDMI slot on my tv, i just dont have the elite.

i would like to have an elite, but i am going to wait till IPTV comes out, and then hopefully the 65 chips will be in the elites/premiums :D then i would be very happy :D

P.S. good feedback for you :)

grifter0244213d ago

POG .. I agree. 80 bucks isnt that much.. But it would have been better if it was implemented in the beginning.. This guys rants and raves about things making it seem like the glass is half empty.. You dont have to buy a HDD for 180.. Just get a 3rd Party and connect it via usb.. Thats what im going to do when I start to run out of room.. But the best comment I saw was this and I quote "So I asked earlier “Who is Microsoft trying to appeal to with the Xbox 360 Elite?” Did you figure it out? The answer is “idiots”" When reporters or journalists call random Consumers IDIOTS thats when I lose all respect for them... Who gives this guy the right to call anyone besides himself an Idiot??? Its a game console and if someone wants to buy it let them do so .. Wow .. Thats when you know this article was just an attempted bash.. 450$ for a 360.. Why dont you bring out a new article and say the ps3? 650? If hes all mad about price I bet his blood pressure went up seeing that price tag..

snoop_dizzle4215d ago

if you're a new customer this is good.

I for one don't really want or need the elite, but lets keep it a little more fair.

scarlett_rg4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

Meh... wrong Reply.

TheMART4215d ago

I hate black colour on equipment, it's so 80's. That's why I will never buy a PS3 (well for more reasons then its colour but well) and an Elite.

I like the white Premium too much.

I don't really need HMDI because I just saw the comparison between component and HDMI even on 1080p and it was hardly noticable. Unless you have a screen above 42 inch.

Third: I am still fine with 20 GB's of hard disk space. I delete old stuff because I never watch it. There is no use like the PS3 with a slow BluRay player to install 5 to 10 GB's per game that wants to use speed up processes.

So really. If this Elite can get techcrazy gamers that want HDMI and a large HDD and otherwise would have bought a PS3 just for that now switch to an Elite that's fine with me.

Only thing I agree with: it could confuse the consumer. Three SKU's is too much. They should cut the core, drop the premium to the cores price and then it's fine

Premium 299 Euro
Elite 480 or 399 Euro

Raist4214d ago

Your avatar is so 80's :/


bamdad4214d ago

liked your comment raist ,a bubble for you

InMyOpinion4214d ago

My avatar is mega 80's! It's b!tchin' and totally rad! I'd drop the core as well. Word up!

elliot_4213d ago

THEmart talks again....

ThEmart should be quiet AGAIN...please man get a life

scarlett_rg4213d ago

Lol... they have the "boomerang" controller in that pic posted by elliot_.

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