What if Microsoft released a handheld?

With the games industry having moved on to the next-generation of consoles, it's not hard to imagine the endless possibilities of new games and technology that continues to push gaming to new and exciting levels. It wasn't too long ago that Nintendo was the only dominant figure that claimed a hold on handheld gaming until Sony's PSP came along to offer some competition. With Nintendo pushing its Nintendo DS and Sony its PSP, we wonder why Microsoft hasn't joined these two leading powerhouses by designing and marketing their own portable gaming machine...

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DaTrooF4244d ago

Q:what if Microsoft released a handheld?
A:PSP2(or PSPfix)would come out.
Q:would i get it?
A:hellz yea!!

QuackPot4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Q:what if Apple released a handheld?

A:Sony will be forced to produce a PSP Evolution which has rumble, 6-axis, touchscreen and which can also be used as a Ps3 controller.

Q:would i get it?
A:Hell yeah!! Both machines, in fact.

I mean have you heard of the iPod? And who's going to redefine the cell phone industry with the iPhone?

Oh, yeah. it's Apple.

So let's get Apple into the game console industry. That'll really shake up everything - more than Micro$oft ever could.
Sony, Micro$oft and Nintendo will all be running scared.

And all to our benefit.

dodgefate4244d ago

Q:what if Microsoft released a handheld?
A: that would not be a good idea just another way to lose more money

ben hates you4244d ago

look at the original xbox -5 billion dollars, for them it was horrible for most gamers awesome, if they lost money on the first why release another, bad for them good for gamers{me} even though actually they've learned a lot theyhave made money this time but what ever. i would buy it if it had games. i like the picture they had on n4g earlier i'll find it

snoop_dizzle4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Nintendo would have two testicles to twist and squeeze then in the handheld market. Sony and Msoft

lol really the psp isn't doing bad, just not doing good either.

consolecrusader4244d ago

Hasn't MS lost enough money? Why would they want to enter an already dominated market.

caffman4244d ago

What rock have you been living under for the last couple of decades?

gta_cb4244d ago

yeh seriously thats a stupid comment!

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The story is too old to be commented.