PS3 Slim Priced at £249 In UK

Sony recently announced the PS3 Slim at their press conference at GamesCom, but neglected to mention the UK pricing for the item. But now we have found that it will cost £249.

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Dannagar3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

This makes the PS3 a far better deal than the Xbox 360. With no WiFi, and Blu-Ray Player the Xbox 360 Elite isn't such a great deal at $299. Microsoft better answer back soon if they want to keep their 2nd place position.

WelshGunner3038d ago

Thats still a rip off.
Its $299 in the us and thats roughly about £180 so why isnt it about £200 max in the uk.

Sony ripping off the UK as per norm.

SoapShoes3038d ago

Every company is pricing their stuff higher in the UK/Europe, not just Sony.

What you need to consider is their economy is very different though. Different taxes, different everything. You have to understand economics to realize it's not a huge ripoff as it would seem. Everything's priced higher there even gas.

GameOn3038d ago

The UK just gets ripped off in general. Not particularly by Sony.

Clap Your Hands3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I couldn't have said it better my self.

People always seem to get this part wrong.

gaffyh3038d ago

UK always get's ripped off, but this time I don't think it's as bad. I really would have expected £299 price point, seriously.

devilhunterx3038d ago

here is an example:

1) what does a mcD cashier for a full time shift in usa & uk?

2) whats the price of bread in usa & uk?

Darkeyes3038d ago

Just out of curiosity, what did the PS3 cost before the price cut in Euros or Pounds?

PirateThom3038d ago

PS3 was £299 and €399.

Darkeyes3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Um seems fair if you ask me... they cut the price by 50£ which is nearly equal to 80-100$... UK with all those extra taxes and exchange rates problem gets a 80$ price cut...... Fair to be honest.
Still higher than the rest of the world, but those tax issues really need to be solved in Europe first... Even M$ increasing the Arcades price by nearly 30£ indicates that there are some real issues with the taxes...

I like to see what the 360 Elite's prices are in UK if the prices fall to 299$ in America... I bet it's also near the 250£ mark.

Viper73038d ago

Slim will retail for 359€/307£ in Finland so Its not only UK getting ripped off. Uk has probably the cheapest games and systems in whole Europe so just be happy that you do.

US =/= world
UK =/= EU

US is very differend market when compared to Europe, everything from localization to ppls wages and taxes is very different from EU. You cannot expect to get things for the same price as ppl in the US.

Christopher3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

VAT + other taxes and fees due to your country's own laws unfortunately.

OgTheClever3038d ago

360 Elites are currently under £230 in the UK so it seems PS3 is still more expensive than it should be here, unless I'm mistaken and the Elites are still cheaper than the PS3 Slim in the US.

Viper73038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Taxes are higher here, and the fact that sony isnt the one doing the "importing" for their console here increases the price as well. But you ppl are just getting it for the same price as rest of the Europe.

You should also notice that with current exchance rates 299€ = 256.12£
so your paying the same as the other "low tax" countries in Europe where Sony handles the importing. Asking to get it cheaper or telling that just "Uk" is getting screwed over is just plain selfish.

From my understanding US has really low taxes and its very commercially driven country and while this makes things cheaper it makes ppl pay for services that maybe provided by the goverment in many EU countries.

gaffyh3038d ago

@2.11 - But the value it represents at £250 is a lot more than the Elite. You have no Blu-Ray player, Wifi, bluetooth with the Elite, and also you have to pay £40 per year for online. So it is a lot more worth buying.

Firestorm3038d ago

I agree, but it's because America have lower paying jobs.

Christopher3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Actually, Firestorm, it's not because so many make less than $50k a year in the U.S., it's because much of our services are privatized, even for businesses. If our businesses here were levied much in the way many are in Europe, then the prices of the good would increase. The same goes for our taxes and fees for handling imports and exports, which are also much less than they are for European countries.

The funny thing is that the wages would more than likely equal out to about the same on average when compared against the higher cost of living in European countries.

FamilyGuy3038d ago

, you also said "correct me if i'm wrong" So, I am. The PS3 is $299 in the U.S. right now, the 360 Elite is $399, right now and expected to drop to $299 tomorrow.

A PS3 at $299 next to a 360 at $299 makes the 360 look VERY unappealing.

Kwertie3038d ago

Yep, regional pricing sucks. I don't really know how they get away with it. Wouldn't it be considered type of prejudice? Ie company X is charging me more for this product because of where I come from.

Joking aside, £250 is better, but still not "there". If it was closer to £200, I'd seriously consider it, even £225. It's not that I can't afford it (just spent £520 on a new DSLR), it's just that I don't feel it's worth that much.

Consider how much Bluray players have dropped in price. Ok, I know it's got Wifi too, but Wifi isn't the be all and end all, and in fact, ethernet is always best. If I get a PS3, it's going to be on the wire regardless.

The price of the Wii beggars belief. How they can charge more for a Wii than an Xbox360 with a 60GB HDD is beyond me. That's not even mentioning the larger system size, extra packing and faster GPU/CPU and HDMI output.

So yeah, drop it down to £225 and I'll be a little more forthcoming, £200 is a done deal. At this moment in time, I am up to my eyes in it with driving lessons, keep fit, and Wii/Xbox to really warrant another games console, and my primary reason is for the media features, but we will see.

By the way, if the slim is £249, does that mean the old PS3 will be even cheaper?

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muddygamesite3038d ago

THIS WILL accompany my 60gb launch ps3. DAY 1 BUY! IS THE HARD DRIVE UPGRADEABLE ?

Daves3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Can't see why not, that would be stupidity :)

And of course, with movie DL's/rents a bigger HD is gonna be helpful.

Have a 340gb in mine at mo, so upgrading to that and beyond is probably needed in the future. Cheap as chips though.

PirateThom3038d ago

If you check the images of the front, you can see where the hard drive seems to be, it looks like it will slide out and, possibly, be even easier to upgrade.

muddygamesite3038d ago

THAT IS A RELIEF. MAYBE I NEED to get my eyes checked because i just couldn't see a hard drive slot. I wil be buying one on day one. £250 is a bargain (although it is nothing compared to my 60gb). Ill just buy USB card readers and extra USB ports to make it closer to the 60gb.

minikoopa3038d ago

I heard that the original PS3 will be $299 or £180. I did not think that price applied to the Slim. If the slim is £250 then the original for £200 would be a bargain!!!

jack_burt0n3038d ago

there are loads around for £220-30 with a game or two.

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