Exclusive Video: Jobe on 'Warhawk'

Check out the exclusive video with the designer of the game War Hawk from

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Violater3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

it sounds like fun.
And i think it should be a downloaded game and not Bluray, to avoid confusion. And at the same time place a Demo of War hawk on certain first party game disks.

snoop_dizzle3974d ago

i do wish that it had a single player campaign, but either way, it could turn out great.

QuackPot3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Bring it on.

This game is going to be a hit. Not the best graphics but with the focus on multiplayer, the assortment of weaponry and vehicles and simple, FAST gameplay this is going to pawn many.

GDC 2007 GameDaily Impressions:

XxZxX3974d ago

$29.99 is great value for this game. $49.99 is not.. Sony u know what to do.

ErcsYou3974d ago

gamecrazy says 59.99 on june 12

XxZxX3974d ago

that's why they are named game crazy..

Scrumptious3973d ago

This one looks kind of stupid. They should just stick with flying and get rid of the ground crap. How fair is it to be on foot and get attacked by a plane? Also both trailers on the PS network show the graphics need help.

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