Spider-Man 3: Collector's Edition Review

Greg Miller over at IGN has the first review of Spiderman 3: Collectors Edition for the PS3 and had this to say about the game:

"If you're desperate for a Spider-Man game, this one fills your need for webs, but other than nailing what web-swinging should feel like, this game is a bust. We were promised a Spidey experience that was next-gen and expanded on everything Spider-Man 2 did right, but we were given a buggy game that's just Spider-Man 2: Special Edition. Combat is brainless button-mashing, the bosses are frustrating and cheap, the visuals aren't worthy of your PS3, and although the random crimes aren't the same events over and over, they definitely reuse the same ideas."

If you aren't deterred by his closing remarks, a complete three page review as well as brand new screens and video can be found at IGN.

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BSigel814009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Man these guys sometimes are just as bad as gamespot, but still better. Just wait until the gamespot score. I have the game and I give it a 8.9. The only problem I have with it is the camera angles, and that's not that big of a deal. Other than that it's nothing

Scythesean4009d ago

sounds like this guy needs a bottle because he is crying like a baby. The game kicks ass!

achira4009d ago

very lame review. what is with todays ppl ?

techie4009d ago

But if you start giving games like this "8.9"...what the hell are you going to give incredible games that blow this out of the water. 8 for a ps2 game maybe...but standards have grown

ErcsYou4009d ago

the ps3 version was all right i played it today at gamecrazy. ive been dying for a new game and i thouht this game was garbage. if it gets above a 8 ill never trust a rating system again

Anego Montoya FTMFW4009d ago

this games is not a 6.
that is completly disrespectful to the devs. and all spiderman fans.
it`s not perfect, but it`s not a 6.
it`s graphically not a huge step up.
but, they`ve fixed almost all the problems that plagued SM2 and USM.
if you enjoy the francise.
get this game.

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