Forza Motorsport 2: First Impressions

The guys at has now got a first impression of Forza 2.
The fully game will be released June 08, 2007 in Europe and May 29, in America.

The night before EG got to see Forza Motorsport 2 they ran nine miles. It was fairly tough. But not, as EG was to discover, as tough as the all-over body and cardio-vascular workout you get from driving for 20 minutes round the UK's biggest indoor karting track, which is where Microsoft decided to show off the game to a bunch of games journalists.

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PS360PCROCKS4121d ago

ahhhh i want the demo now!! this game will be BAD ASS

FordGTGuy4121d ago

Turn 10 said 70 hours to unlock every tournament and 100 hours to beat the entire game.

eques judicii4121d ago

the eurogamer comments section exploded into a debate over 60 fps vs 30

InMyOpinion4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

What happened to the demo? Wasn't it supposed to be released on Live today?

"If you had a Honda Civic Type R and you were to weight-reduce it down to say 900kilos and put it up to 600 horsepower with racing slicks for the downforce, it should be able to compete against Enzos and things like that,"

That's worth waiting for =)

Lygre4121d ago

Turn 10 or MS never said the demo was coming today.

I'm guessing next week though. Since they really should give out the FM2 demo before the H3 beta comes out and steals all the glory.

willymcd4121d ago

i hope a 600 hp light civic would not be able to compete with an enzo, there are many other dynamics going on, such as engine placement and aerodynamics, and racing slicks don't give a car down force, haha.

SimmoUK4121d ago

Microsoft sure know how to keep the game journalists happy, happy karting journalists = happy racing previews ;)

cookiemonster4121d ago

that sounded pretty derogatory. let me try that.

maybe they should have decapitated goats and kept topless women around to get some better reviews.

BIadestarX4121d ago

well said cookie + feedback.

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The story is too old to be commented.