Compilation of eight upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Games

The video contains: Street Trace NYC, Super Contra, Track & Field, Rush 'n Attack, Missile Command, Mad Tracks, Double Dragon, TRON & Yie Ar Kung-Fu

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gamekiller3649d ago

How about micromachines, used to love that game, would be great on live. Also some good side scrolling shooters, r-type anyone?

solidt123649d ago

Who Cares! Playstation Network Store rules!

solidt123649d ago

On second thought. I remember Rush 'n Attack being the bomb. I want that one.

God of Gaming3649d ago

Missle command getting a nice makeover and mad tracks looks like a blast.

shikwan3649d ago

Um...oops, I guess I'm telling my age.

But yea, it seems there are more anticipated Arcade games this summer than there are actual 360 games.

I can't wait for Double Dragon! I wonder if Mr. T ever got paid for his likeness??

Black Republican3649d ago

are you kidding???
IMO both X360 and PS3 have great games coming out this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.