The World of Warcraft Rewards Visa

Kotaku reports that World of Warcraft players can now make those late night trips to the Circle K for raid munchies work for them in more than just the traditional seat-padding sense. In conjunction with Blizzard, the First National Bank of Omaha is now offering the World of Warcraft Rewards Visa, which offers players the chance to earn game time for every dollar of debt they accrue!

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Neutral Gamer4008d ago

Wow, (pardon the pun!) do those gamers who are proper WoW fanatics need another excuse to intice them to play for longer? I think for the most hardcore having a credit card based on the game may be one step too far for their minds to handle and for their skills in being able to differentiate from real and virtual worlds.

Hopefully the most desperate fans won't rack up huge credit card bills just so they can play more of the game. Still, from a business point of view Blizzard have got it sorted haven't they? Millions of users paying monthly fees (for the game) and millions of potential users paying monthy fees (for late credit payment charges, interest etc.)!