Masaya Matsuura Interview (The man behind Parappa)

Masaya Matsuura talks to Gamasutra about music games, a new DS Tamgotchi game, PSN and the current generation of consoles.

"Vib Ribbon was one of the first games to exploit a custom soundtrack option. Any chance of seeing such a project on PSN?

MM: Yes, possibly. Rhythmica is a very similar idea to Vib Ribbon -- it's about analyzing audio and creating a game from that data, but it uses MP3 audio instead of CDs. We are discussing the possibility of making a downloadable version of Vib Ribbon for Sony."

"You've mentioned the direction Nintendo platforms are going, what do you think of each of the next-gen consoles?

MM: Hmm – it's a very difficult question. As I've said, my focus is the sophisticated communications between the player and hardware or software. But some next generation hardware (PS3 and Xbox 360) look a little too 'heavy' to make interesting titles..."

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Lord Anubis4243d ago

ah so he possibly is going to make a Ps3 title like red ribbon.