Businessweek: MS, Sony & Nintendo all among top 50 most innovative companies

Here are the results of Businessweek's "World's Most Innovative Companies" for 2007. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all make the ranks, based on their whole business and all of their products. Apple make number 1 again for the 3rd consecutive year.


"Number 5. Microsoft
2006 rank: 5
To some, Microsoft is more of a fast follower than a bleeding-edge innovator. Still, the software giant's multibillion-dollar R&D generates everything from handwriting-recognition software to sharper font resolution. While not flashy, such creations help ensure Windows and Office hegemony.

Number 10. Sony
2006 rank: 13
This traditional tech hardware maker is devoting more resources to software. To turn its PlayStation 3 console from living-room box to virtual gateway, it created a 3D online world that simulates the real one. It's expanding cross-border alliances for flat TVs and cell phones, too.

Number 39. Nintendo
2006 rank: not ranked
Think video games are only for misfits and geeks? The designers of the Wii video game console came up with a revolutionary motion-sensing wireless controller that shatters the stereotype, targeting consumers of all ages. Its best brains have called on game creators to go beyond game sequels."

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