Brand New DreamKiller Trailer

A trailer for the Aspyr Media and Mindware Studios' production Dreamkiller, scheduled to hit Xbox 360 and PC later this year, has recently surfaced. This first trailer promises to 'give you a taste of the horrific images in the minds of the restless, as you work your way through threir nightmares, demons and innermost fears.'

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iiprotocolii3141d ago

This game looks great. If the creators of Painkiller made this game, you know this game is going to kick all sorts of anuses.

MostUnfurrowed3141d ago

Really? It's made by the same guys? Well I never...

Come to think of it, the gameplay did remind me a little of it. What also struck me was how dated the graphics looked, hopefully it was just an early tech demo version.

iiprotocolii3141d ago

It's not coming to the PS3. Hopefully, the game is as entertaining as it looks. I think, personally, it's going to be good.

Ferretman3141d ago

It looks alright but im not too interested in it.

taz80803141d ago

The name alone has me interested

taz80803141d ago

Is the name referring to Home, LOL. I kid I kid.