Retailers begin to list, price, and date Guitar Hero 80s expansion (PS2)

Destructoid notices that GameStop (among other retailers) has finally listed Guitar Hero II Rocks The 80s Expansion Pack. The game is listed for $39.99 and has a release date of July 18, 2007.

Like a hurricane prepared to rock you, rumors of this party (and money printing) gold mine have been swirling around for quite some time. While no details have been revealed, one can speculate that the game will contain music from 80s, and not a collection of Norwegian black metal as previously speculated.

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Darkaber4215d ago

I hope we see this addon on the 360 sometime soon!

Diselage4215d ago

Isn't that why they have expansion packs for the 360.

Syko4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Even if they did, It would cost you about $100+ to download these songs that cost $39.99 ($6.25 for 3 songs you do the math) Fuk DLC it is BS and will be ruined by M$ at this rate.

Trust me I know because I am a GH2 junkie, but it would be cheaper to buy the whole setup and a PS2 than Download this on the 360...

Diselage4215d ago

How many songs do you expect to be in an expansion Syko? At 6.25 for every 3 songs for 43.75 you'll get 21 songs.

Syko4215d ago

So Far has had AT LEAST 40 songs in the main list. This is in addition to the 15-30 "Extra" or unlockable songs include with the game. I don't care as they aren't going to release them anyway for the 360. I was just venting frustration about a good idea that has gone sour.

+ Someone did the math on buying Guitar Hero 1 Via DLC and it came out to about $100+, It's a joke. If they wanted to bundle the entire game for $50 (Because of the $10 hike in next-gen games) I would pay it but nickel and dime'n me like a crack dealer for double the retail price is equal to lubing up my ass with sawdust before they bend me over. Screw DLC and M$ hopefully Sony comes up with a more successful model and makes M$ look like the greedy bastards they are acting like right now.

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Covenant4215d ago

It must have:

Van Halen

Motley Crue

Cheap Trick

Tom Petty

The Scorpions

Bryan Adams


The Cars

Bon Jovi

Def Leppard

Prince (Imagine the finale of "Let's Go Crazy" on Hardcore mode)

Those acts defined 80s rock. Gotta have something from each of them. I'm probably forgetting someone, but oh well.

gta_cb4215d ago

nice list there dude, some really good artists.

The BS Police4215d ago

I'm glad you added The Cars and Def Leppard on the list, they are two of my most favourite bands.

Diselage4215d ago

Go 80's hair bands

Good list

I could see some additional Guns N' Roses or some Whitesnake perhaps.

Covenant4215d ago

GnR and did I forget them? Of course, a good hair metal list would also include Poison, Cinderella, Warrant, and Tesla. Also Firehouse's "Don't Treat Me Bad" had a good riff.

Can't forget Pat Benatar, either..."All Fired Up" would do well on Guitar Hero, as would "Invincible."

Sammy Hagar: "I Can't Drive 55."

Clash: "London Calling."

Bruce Springsteen: "Cover Me."

John Mellencamp: "R.O.C.K. in the USA."

As for Rush...imagine "Limelight," with all of its stop-time arrangements, on Guitar Hero. I'm drooling already.

Dark horses for inclusion: Triumph's "Magic Power." Maybe Greg Kihn's "Breakup Song." Asia's "Heat of the Moment."

Any others I'm missing?

Diselage4214d ago

The Springsteen, how could he be forgetten in any 80's list.

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gta_cb4215d ago

i just wanna say that if they release this for the Xbox 360, they will prob put it on Marketplace, and will prob cost something like... 2000MP which is only £17.50 (well you get 2100MP)

now this comment WASNT ment for flamewars, just want to add this FACT as there has been soo... many times i have seen people/fanboys saying you sh!t about marketplace, especially with news maps etc just like with the absolutely FANTASTIC job Epic done with the new maps for Gears of War that came out yesterday, oh and if any Xbox 360 owners are reading this i reckomend the maps without a second thought! =)