Two New Hot Shots Golf Gameplay Videos

Here are two new Hot Shots Golf 5 gameplay videos for the PS3.

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bigmack4120d ago

is that ratchet and clank golfing on the display picture? go back and look at the display picture..

brianodom4120d ago

yeah i noticed that

Bigmac5734120d ago

The Jak pic. He's a playable character on PS2.

PS360WII4120d ago

the only pic he could find cuz that's from HS4. I did play the demo from the Japan store and it's pretty fun they even are trying out a new control scheme that's all about timing without the help of that bar on the bottom. Rather difficult at first but I still like the 3 push control. It's already looking fine and polished! I'm hoping it'll come out soon! ^^

Hardest part to get a Japan account is the address but here's some help ^^

techie4120d ago

SOrry guys...was what google brought up...and I thought it was "cute" lol. Didn't mean to false alarm

PS360WII4120d ago

no worries ^^ gets the point across that it's Hot Shots and not something else

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The story is too old to be commented.