Virtual Rape Is Traumatic, but Is It a Crime?

Wired reports that last month, two Belgian publications reported that the Brussels police have begun an investigation into a citizen's allegations of rape -- in Second Life.

This may seem silly at first but there is no question that forced online sexual activity -- whether through text, animation, malicious scripts or other means -- is real; and is a traumatic experience that can have a profound and unpleasant aftermath, shaking your faith in yourself, in the community, in the platform, even in sex itself.

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Andronix3649d ago

of course it is bad for players in online worlds to experience uninvited, offensive and sexually crude text/messages/ pictures. It probably is an offence of sorts.

But it is not rape. To say so is an insult to real victims of rape.

Diselage3649d ago

This sort of harassment may not be rape but it's generally more invasive than more sexual harassment. When your your able to say (and do with a character) whatever you want without seeing how it's affecting the other person people are capable of a lot more.

ASSASSYN 36o3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I wonder if people can rape other people in sony`s home? The players got priced raped so why not. This pic is for games ofcourse.

joemutt3648d ago

Ive seen grown men have to wear diapers, yeah your pic sucks.

bamdad3648d ago

sick as always. Assassyn, you & theMart, you guys are incredible. i must put you guys in a museum or sth like that...

BrainDead3649d ago

assassyn you 12 year old, grow up. That pic is just really imature.

On topic, just tell them to fuk off.

sandip7873649d ago

u really are one sick Fokker. how can u make jokes at rape? ive noticed a few of ur comments have been really unnecessary

XerockX3649d ago

this story - give me a friggin' break. if your online you bound to be sexually harassed. It's hardly rape. There are a bunch of idiots in the world.There always will be. ignore 'em and get over it.

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The story is too old to be commented.