Even more Splinter Cell: Conviction scans

Seven new Splinter Cell: Conviction scans have been posted on NeoGAF forums by tiong_fi.

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T-Virus4239d ago

Looks a bit trampy now.

techie4239d ago

does look kool....and the amount of civilians makes it appear v next-gen :)

BrainDead4239d ago

never been a fan of Splinter cell. Looks good but MGS all the way :)

giovonni4239d ago

I think in my opinion Splinter cell is a much better game as far as missions and things you can do. For example in Splinter cell double agent, the mission in china had you breaking into a safe, repelling down a 125 story building just to tape a conversation, and not get spotted by a helicopter in my opinion makes for a great spy game. On the other hand you have metal gear which is great, but you don't do all the interactive things, like bypass codes to get into computers, sneak around the enemies HQ and bug their internet, shoot out lights. To me you do more interactive work with Spinter Cell then you do with Metal Gear, and the story line for MGS is getting really corny.

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The story is too old to be commented.