Microsoft eyeing deal to buy Yahoo

Microsoft Corp. is resuming its pursuit of search engine operator Yahoo Inc. that could help it better compete with Web search leader Google Inc., published reports said Friday.

Yahoo shares surged more than 17 percent in premarket trading.

The New York Post reported Friday that Microsoft has asked Yahoo to enter formal negotiations for an acquisition that could be worth $50 billion. Yahoo's market capitalization was about $38 billion on Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal said executives of the two companies are looking at a merger or some other kind of matchup and said the talks appear to be early-stage discussions. It said the companies explored the idea of combining last year but the talks led nowhere.

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Silver Bull3t4244d ago

You will be assimilated
we will add your genetic diversity to our own
resistance is futile

kewlkat0074244d ago

MS's smartest and biggest threat is Google, so I don't doubt this information. Yahoo has re-energized it's search and marketing services so a Merge is not out of the question,. I'm not sure about a buy-out though.

gta_cb4244d ago

funny, i like the ya soft one better, although IF MS buys yahoo, i doubt they will put there bit of name last.

Counter_ACT4244d ago

Microsoft wont beat google. :/

warfed4244d ago

I'll bet Google will come in and buy just to piss MS off :D besides MS couldn't even outbid Google on DoubleClick it was sold for 3.1 billion

FordGTGuy4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

3.1 billion i'm sure another 50 billion to buy Yahoo isn't to much for them as long as they see it worth it. Microsoft has enough money to buy just about any other software company they want.

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