Biggest Games for Summer

TV channel G4 has a one-hour special Friday evening on the biggest games for this summer. There's a trailer at its website, that offers a hint of what a great few months we have ahead of us – Mass Effect, Too Human, Stranglehold, Age of Conan, Warhawk and Mercenaries 2 are just a few of the stand-out names.


Look for X-Play's Summer Preview Trailer video link.

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techie4243d ago

they are showing exclusive footage of Lair and Bioshock ;)

techie4243d ago

"You want em, we've got em...the biggest games are here for our special one hour X-Play Summer Games Preview. Lair--The biggest and baddest game yet for the PS3.The RPG to change all RPGs -- Mass Effect. The creators of Diablo's glorious return with Hellgate: London. A never-before seen look at John Woo's Stranglehold and an exclusive look at the newest horror classic in the making, Bioshock. Plus, Age of Conan, Timeshift, Tabula Rasa, Mercenaries 2, Shadowrun, The Darkness, Too Human, Warhawk, and more! Prepare yourself for the best year ever in videogames!"

nix4243d ago

sigh! and hellgate: london is only for PC. sigh again!!!!

techie4243d ago

they couldn't get hold of them at's all new stuff they're going to be far as I know.

hamburgerhill4243d ago

Now when you watch that trailer and not think about what console the games are on you quickly realize that all the platforms have a stunning line up this year!

dominusbellum4243d ago

i completely agree with that enough of this fanboy b.s. who cares what you have both consoles have great games coming out just be happy with what you bought and play it.

Happy Gaming

also has anyone know if the game saboteur is coming out this year or next if you have heard of it?

Silver Bull3t4243d ago

Thear's gonna be way too many good games crammed into just a few months. Wish I had more time to play!!!

marison4243d ago

... in the third stage of your life, you will get a INFINITE TIME POWER-UP! This will be very useful. Give a try!

If I could choice a hero power from the Heroes show, I will definitely go for the Hiro Nakamura power. That if I could not be a Sylar or Peter (too much emo for me).

marison4243d ago

A full year in the future, console war aware, specifications aware, all three platforms will have must have games. Buy all if you can and enjoy gaming. Simple as that.

I have a Xbox 360, a PS2, and I will buy a Wii as soon I could see one!

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The story is too old to be commented.