Xbox 360 Version of Two Worlds Delayed

According to the official web page of "Two Worlds", the Xbox-360 Version of the game is to be released later than expected. While PC gamers won't see the delay from May 09 (demo?) ,Console gamers must wait some more. No reason for the delay yet,

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hamburgerhill4239d ago

With so many games on the horizon these delays don't bother me to much!

nebpredude844239d ago

but if notice alot of them are getting delayed....Two Worlds.....Forza 2.....and at least two XBL me there's more on the way...we're finally getting a trailer for TimeShift in 3 or 4 hours and that game was suppose to come out september of 06' this is just the start...

achira4239d ago

xbox360 is doooooomed! what games do you mean ? geow, which is 3 hours long ?

CG4239d ago

I feel sorry for you.

gta_cb4239d ago

i disagree, i feel sorry for us ;) lol
shame hes still here, i wish we could take all his bubbles away lol

VirtualGamer4239d ago

This should not be listed under PS3 news because it has nothing to do with the PS3.

Dorfdad4239d ago

To above member it should as Two Worlds was announced for PS3 and 360..
a few weeks back, taken from the developers own words..

shotputking4239d ago

that's what i thought too... but no where on there site could i find anything about a ps3 version... is it going to be like oblivion, a year later or something?

VirtualGamer4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Ok thanks for the info. I had not read that and I checked to see if anyone had this game listed as a PS3 title, including the offical game site and saw nothing. If it is coming to the PS3 that is good news indeed. I would assume since it was announced so close to release on PC/360 that its going to be awhile for the PS3 version?

P.S. Any links to the actual announcement by the developer?

Havince4239d ago

can tell who they are by having just one bubble, they should update this site so that people actually go down to ZERO bubbles

kewlkat0074239d ago

I really don't get some people on here. I have no probs with people liking a console of choice, but at least be logical when your trying to reason. Hell even a little sarcasm works, instead of the "everything they make sucks attitude." Everything is relative in this world. Anything can happen, Everything is always negative on the other side for some people.

Anyhow, is it just me but there seems to be a rash of games being delayed. This is one of the games I'm looking forward to. When will I have time to play a lot of titles comes Xmas time. Good thing I live in the North East States, not much to do when your buried under snow.(besides cuddling with the lady), There will be a lot of gaming going on.

gta_cb4239d ago

i spose your refering to achira?
it is a shame he still has to act stupid and miss out on telling his... well i spose that mite be what hes actually thinking, if it is then i feel sorry for him being so... whats the word?... ignorant?

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The story is too old to be commented.