Retailers forecast Halo 2 Vista Slip reports that Microsoft was unable to comment on the rumors that Halo 2 for the PC had slipped a week. Microsoft were speaking after several leading retailers changed their listings for the game.

European dates shifted from 18th to 25th May, and American schedules went from 8th to 23rd May. It may still be a rumor, but it's unlikely for a retailer to be wrong this close to launch.

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AuburnTiger4243d ago

I think it's real messed up that this game will only play on a Vista computer. Talk about trying to force software on people.

Neutral Gamer4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

But wasn't there that news recently that a group of people were trying to get DirectX 10 to work on non-Vista systems?

That'd be pretty cool, if it's possible (albeit will require quite a bit of programming work no doubt) then obviously people would be wondering why Microsoft made it Vista exclusive.

Money talks though, that's the goal at the end of the day for all commercial companies, no matter how they spin it or give false reasons, making a profit is what it's all about, sometimes at whatever cost.

Rooted_Dust4243d ago

I don't think this game requires DX10, just Vista. What did you expect from Microsoft, they will use anything they can get their hands on right now as leverage to push Vista. DX10 for this game would be kind of a waste, unless they intended to redesign the whole game to make it look better. I don't really see the problem with Vista, besides the money to upgrade, it's still a decent operating system. I haven't seen alot of the frame-rate problems others have claimed to see, and I love ReadyBoost. Hopefully they won't try to force you to get LIVE ANYWHERE too,