Bach: Xbox will make a profit in 2008

Robbie Bach said: "It's a business that will be profitable next year. We'll make money next year and that will be the first time, which is pretty exciting."

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Saint Sony4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

...and why is that Mr Prophet the Barbarian?

Edit: oops, thought you could answer... *sighs*

gta_cb4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

there canon goes again... :(

why wont they make money?

i know that you cant actually reply... what a shame ;) so if your actually readin this, PM me then i will post in here your answer :)

FeralPhoenix4124d ago

fanboys live by the "opposite mentality"....meaning if its positive news for the "enemy" the opposite must be true...its the same for 360 fanboys, if its good PS3 news and they don't like it, well of course Sony is lying....-NO they don't need any proof or logic to back up their statements, its simply how the fanboy opposite mentality works.

In other news I think making a profit in 2008 is good news for M$....daaayum can you imagine 7 or so yrs in investment before you turn a profit. This isn't nuclear physics R & D you know. How the hell do these guys pay the rent? -lol, I'm hoping no one takes my sarcasm seriously.

xfrgtr4124d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!profit in 2008,Muhahahahaha!!!!

anh_duong4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

of course microsoft will make a profit next year. the development cost is all done. live is profitable. ms currently makes money on almost (not core) every console (especially the elite).

calderra4124d ago

Yup. The only thing they're even close to losing on is basically just hardware, which is roughly even according to most estimates (may a bit under factoring in Elite). Basically it's just a question of when profits grow larger than advertising and investment (re: making and printing Halo 3 costs, selling it makes 360 profitable, and that's EXACTLY what he's betting on).

BIadestarX4124d ago

Well, I hope they do. It's about time fanboys give this a rest. I being the topic for years. Fanboys like Fx35, conan, etc wil have other things to talk about.

kewlkat0074124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

that it will do a lot better than the Xbox, and I don't doubt that the Hardware will get better over time. People still want reliabilty with any product.
It took Nintendo years to perfect hardware manufacture, and it seems like Sony has done well with the PS3 hardware(still pending on installment-base), so the next Xbox will be a charm no doubt. It has been a learning Process with MS and the console business, and continue learning, it will.

2008 sounds about right to profits to start racking in, I mean look at how much software the Xbox fans are purchasing. the gaming library will be getting bigger, because of. Exclusive and and Stolen Exclusives are always a rumor away..hehe as MS continues willin and dealin behind close doors.

If developers are not forced to come up with excuses for why DVD9 all the sudden cannot support games, then the 360 will be a great console. I do admit that is it's biggest weakness, but then again you won't see me complaining about the disc issues, as I have no problems with computer games and they look and play great, while outpacing Console games in all areas.

MS also has some big advantages that other console makers do not. Well morso if they are able to tie in everything together and rake in profits from different platforms and services.

When MS is able to tie together these services/platforms: WINDOWS LIVE ANYWHERE, PC GAMING, DIRECTX10+, VISTA, ZUNE(soon enough),XBOX 360 and have them work, with the future they have in mind for gamers, I think it will give Sony and their proposed Computer Entertainment System a run for it's money(competition is great). Quite frankly even if Sony builds PC's, gamers will need Vista/Directx10 if they want the ultimate in gaming. It plays right into MS's hands either way you look at it.

You have to face the facts, Consoles are becoming Computers(just ask SONY), which is where Microsoft has a very strong foothold. I'm not worried about MS and profits. The future is looking good gamers.

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