The Inquirer's verdict on a month with the PS3 has been "testing" the PS3 for a month now and have found themselves thoroughly impressed with the console. They say that it's sleek, powerful and quiet, with the games looking awesome, and the online element having been done incredibly well.

They weren't too impressed with the Sixaxis controller though as they found it too light although a lack of rumble wasn't as bad as they thought. They also thought that the price was too expensive.

What did bowl them over though was the Playstation Network online store which they found very well designed and "far superior to Microsoft's mishmash Xbox 360 offering".

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nix4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

The most striking new addition to the interface is the online store. Much has been made of Sony's first foray into a proper implementation of an on-line console, people often touting Microsoft's lead in the arena, but the Playstation Network store is far superior to Microsoft's mishmash Xbox 360 offering.

Similar to a well designed web-page, everything is easily navigable, smartly presented, and all in one place. Microsoft needs to take lessons on how to provide an online store, Sony's should serve as a very good example.

The difference between DVD and the new HD format was instantly recognizable, and the PS3 does a tremendous job of playback, with the minimum noise. Again, Microsoft take note, the 360 is almost unbearable to use as a playback device.

Resistance is easily on par with the majority of the best FPS out there at the moment, and the fact it's set in the UK only adds to its fun. Motorstorm is damn fun to play, and the thumping sound-track is a great way to instill a headache - we only wish we could add our own tracks. Dune buggy would be an instant addition.

We're not particularly impressed with the Sixaxis joypads. The loss of rumble isn't particularly a disadvantage like most have discussed, but the pad could do with some more weight, and the design still isn't anywhere near as good as the 360. Any FPS shooters ensure your hands suffer after a brief play.

The tilt seems way over sensitive. Hopefully this can be rectified in better SDKs as time goes on, but it's certainly no Wiimote.

Overall we're thoroughly impressed with the console. It's sleek, it's powerful, it's quiet, the games look awesome, and the online element has been done incredibly well.

Is it worth £425 though? No. Either go to Japan and get one half price like we did, or wait until the price drops.

EDIT: ah.. i can see the bait worked! some people CANNOT stand any good PS3 news! q:

TheMART4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )


They talk about an online store and not the online gaming system. I'd rather have a premium online gaming service, which is XBL.
What's important there?

It's a good BluRay player for a nice price. Uhm. You don't want to play movies on your game console. It wears out the drive faster, so it'll die earlier. So you can't play your games also.

Play movies on a stand alone movieplayer. Play games on your console.

So that's still only two games worth playing: Resistance and Motorstorm. And they're just good, no AAA

The controller isn't as good as the 360 one, it misses rumble and movement doesn't add so much.

It's not worth it's price, so don't buy it, wait untill the price drops. And we may add: when there will be content to play. Instead of only BluRay movies


@ Nix below

Thanks dude. Those posts from me still state the truth. Thanks for getting them here again!

You can add:

PS3 newest sales numbers Japan:




The 360 still on 25% of the PS3 sales over 3k. That's good for Japan.

@ Natural Gamer

I don't trust you. Several unbiased websites say the PS3 has nothing over the 360. Plus, there is nothing like Gears out there. Resistance is just over PS2 quality in graphics. Even played it. Mediocore shooter.

Motorstorm is nice. But Colin McRae: Dirt looks just as good if not better.

If your eyes are hurting over Gears, you need to twist your TV. PS3 games are washed out, that's why 360 games may look dark to you. Ever played Splinter Cell in night levels? PS3 levels look if the sun is still on the horizon. No need to use the night vision. WTF is that about???

PS3 is better based on... What exactly? Liar? If that's all. Many games that come out soon that look better then that. BTW what have we seen? A small trailer. I've seen that before from PS3 games. ANd then in final version... mmhhh

About all multiplatform games look better on the 360. Only Oblivion, where they could work ONE YEAR extra, has a tad better graphics, with some new shaders and stuff. All the other games are better on the 360 so where are you talking about.

Future? PS3 better? May we say it needs to prove it first? Because at this moment it's an overrated BluRay player. A cheap one, thats for sure, but not the ultimate game machine. You've heard VF5 on the 360 will get graphic enhancements over the PS3 version, right?

nix4246d ago

before we forget -> Mart's statement:
----------------------------- --------

Version 1.1:

"In fact, the PS3 has only moved 123,000 units in February. And that’s not just disappointing, that’s embarrassing for a brand spanking new, next-generation video game console. But there’s no reason to beat around any invisible bush – we all know that the PS3's price point and lacking software lineup is the reason it’s dying."

"Eventually, though, the PS2's library of new games will dwindle in importance as 2008 nears, and Sony will actually have a problem on their hand. When the Xbox 360 and Wii are carrying heavy third-party exclusives for 2008, Sony is either going to have to have the PS3's software support shaped up, or they’ll have to be ready to slip out of the race altogether. Next year at this time, the PS2 will definitely not have the staying power it has right now. So it’ll be crucial for the PS3 to have games that at least justify its pricing. Otherwise, gamers will flock to either the Xbox 360 or Wii, which will surely drop in price come 2008."

PS2 selling so much is a no brainer if you ask me. It's 99 Euro now overhere in The Netherlands. THat's the money one has in pocket when going into town to spend on all kind of things. Even families. Presents for birthdays, Christmas, any of that events 100 dollar/euro is pretty normal these days.

400 euro/dollar or even worse, 600 euro/dollar isn't a present anymore. That's a mortgage indeed.

And that's why the PS2 sells like hot cakes. Heck I even advice people to buy a PS2 to have the great PS exclusives that are out there, since there are none yet on the PS3 and for the next gen experience with a real descent online one, buy a 360

THat's 400+100= 500 dollar/euro for the best gaming experience combined ever. DOn't forget to buy Gears of War, FNR3, PGR3, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Rainbow Six, God of War 1&2 and a couple of other great games with it though ;) cost ya another hundreds of euro's/dollars but well :-)

----------------------------- ---------------------

Version 1.2:

Japan = backyarden Playstation
USA/North America = backyarden XBOX

in USA, latest known monthly sales numbers from February show 240k 360 units sold against 130k PS3 units sold.

In Japan, these sales are alarming. The XBOX has never been doing well there, so that's no surprise. Still about 3k compared to 14k of the PS3 that's still over 20% of the PS3 sales. The PS3 sales compared to the Wii and what Sony wanted to sell in their own country is pathetic.

After the fanboys bought the 600 euro BluRay player in Europe, the number is also falling.

PS3 doing bad in all three area's. Where the 360 is doing great in USA, will be doing fine in Europe and only Japan is a bad region for them.

Conclusion, like I've said even before the launch of PS3 and Wii.

Wii will kick the PS3 in Japan.
Wii is doing fine in the rest of the world, but sales will slow down after the hype of the controller is over and people see there isn't so much great content.

360 will be nr.1 in the rest of the world.

----------------------------- ---------------------
Version 1.3:

PS3 sales 2 months after each other in North America (February/March NPD sales numbers) @ 130k.

In contrary, the 360 sells between 200k and 300k since launch, never fell close to 100k as the PS3 does. The 360 sold about 240k in February and 200k this March in NA.

Japan: PS3 gets slaughtered by the Wii with a factor 3 or 4. XBOX has never been huge there, but still manages to sell 25% of the PS3 sales. PS3 sales from the week I can remember one or two ago were 16k or so...

Europe PS3 great launch, the fanboys got one but after that there aren't so many people mad enough to spend 600 Euro for a gameconsole.

Outcome of it all: PS3 too expensive, no AAA content or just content at all. The Wii will sell for some time, but people will get used to the Wiimote surprise. Bowling/tennis is not enough to keep gaming, good content is only in a few games.

The 360 will continue to sell on a steady rate, PS3 isn't able to play any catch up game in sales numbers apart from their kickstart Europe fanboy sale. So that gap of 8 million units in favour of the 360 will only be larger the coming months, year and if Sony doesn't drop the price any time soon even years

----------------------------- ---------------------

Version 1.4 ELITE:

The PS2 crapped out on MANY people because of the faulty DVD lasers. As is known, Sony makes bad quality lasers. So be aware, the PS3 BR lasers can crap out soon enough...

Many people that I know had PS2's that stopped reading discs after a short time and Sony said it was because of their use. Repairs took forever and costed money.

With PS3, well I know exactly TWO people that have or played the PS3. Where one of them became to hot after only two days of playing and died.

That doesn't sound too good.

----------------------------- ---------x--------------------- --

naturalgamer4246d ago

trust me .. the games really look better on ps3.
you can see everything where on the 360 it's just too dark sometimes.
there's not a single game on the 360 with graphics like Motorstorm - not one. i own both systems and i even like RFOM more than Gears. after playing Gears for about an hour my eyes hurt because the contrast is so sharp and everything's just soo damn dark - all my friends tell me the same.bsoon you'll see games that the 360 can't handle ... like Lair.

i think the 360 is great console but the ps3 is way better - sorry.

THAMMER14246d ago

"We've always been dismissive of Playstation consoles in the past for their instantly recognizable graphical 'features'. The PS3's graphics on the overhand, suffer none of the usual Sony wear and tear, and are stunningly represented. Though, we can't see any advantages over an Xbox 360 yet."

This is also my personal opinion from my experience with a friends PS3. The games do look good, but there is nothing that has come out for the PS3 yet to suggests that the graphics are better on that system.

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paracardium4246d ago

don't waste your money on a unreliable system and save yourself the headache of the 360 and buy the ps3. The only person i know that never had a problem with his 360 finally died on him 2 days ago so now everyone I know again has had 360 issues lol.

achira4246d ago

that is indeed true. some of my friend replaced theirs already three times. thats rediculous if you ask me. by the way dark kingdom is an awesome game (much like diabl0; addicting)!

Babylonian4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

got an Xbox 360, they said I should get one too. But I waited and I made the right choice too, now they are all going to get a PS3 because they missed playing the PS games and their consoles broke a few times (they did get it repared though). Anyway, you should just wait till the price drops and some good titles come out before you buy a PS3.

Companies use a strategy called "price creaming" (i know it sound funny...hehe) they especially used it when a new electronic device is brought on the market. What they do is they bring the new product, which is relatively new technology were there is little competition, on te market with a high pricetag. There will always be some people that will buy it for that high amount.

Now here is the catch: these companies always have a price cut for the device because that was their original price for the device if there were more competitors.

So you say what about the Wii and Xbox 360, aren't they competition. Well yes they are of course. But do they have a Blu-ray player or a Cell processor, no. And THAT'S were they make their money in the beginning. They charge big cash, some people buy it, they see the creaming is decreasing and people going to other competitors (Xbox having HD-DVD ad-on or Wii as cheap but fun entertaiment) and BAM, the long awaited price cut. It is then that many go out to buy the PS3.

Pretty nifty eh, but that's what companies are all about...making money. Don't believe the crap that they are losing money on making the console, it's all part of the strategy.

I'm not saying that some of you people that got out to buy the PS3 are screwed, I'm just saying that if you can wait and you don't have a big budget or you don't want to spend a lot of cash, wait a little and then go buy it. That what I'm gonna do.

PS: this is just a thing I learned from my course on Marketing and Export, damn that book was long........

gta_cb4246d ago

cool, give me a price drop and i will tell you what i think of it when i get one =)

GeordieNinja4246d ago

I hade a X360 too, but sold it. And now i have the Playstation 3 and im loving it. The Playstation Store works realy good though here in Sweden(EU) there is a low uppdate ratio on the Store? Hello Sony? But the online gaming works better than expected, after i hde been playing on xbox live. After a 40 man multiplayer battle on R:FoM I´m totaly sold
Now I´m waiting for some Killzone 2 action on my Playstation 3.
Don´t get me wrong here the Xbox 360 is a good system nodoubt about it, but the Playstation 3 is so much better

Bathyj4246d ago

The thing haters like you dont get is the whole experience of PS3 is enjoyable. Everything about it just oozes style and sexiness. Even inserting a disc give you a pleasurable buzz at the smoothness of the action. This guy likes his PS3, why cant you just leave it at that?

How would you know what PS3 games are like? You dont play them. Have you completed Resistance. I find it a superior game to the one you would bring up as your flagship title. Alot more action on screen, better enemies, set pieces, AI, and the weapons just plain leave it for dead. But lets not get into that.

Yeah the Sixaxis motion hasn't been fully utilised yet, but does that mean it never will. Stop being so short sighted. Even when its used now like shaking off an enemiy in Resistance or body checking in Hockey is awesome. Play Flow and see for yourself how absolutely accurate and sensitive it is and tell me you cant think of any good ideas for it. If you honestly cant then you have no imagination and I'd find it hard to believe you've been gaming for very long.

And by the way BR movies are awesome, and we dont mind watching them on a game console because we're not worried about that console breaking down. Its a nice feeling. And in fact its comforting to know you have bought quality.

If you really have no interest in PS3 at all why dont you just IGNORE it and spare us all.

masterg4246d ago

Very well written dude. 100% agree.

But I must say the controller motion sensor isn't half bad in the right games. Like 'Super Rub a duck'. Works 100% like it should there.

I Motorstorm on the other hand one will only use motion sensor to get some laughs.

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