Life after Ken: Where next for PlayStation?

"Ken Kutaragi's retirement has to be considered as an offering to shareholders who are understandably upset that the hugely expensive PS3 has failed, so far, to look like the all-conquering platform Sony had hoped for."

That's the view of who look at what needs to be done to improve the market standing of the PS3. They single out the price point and lack of compelling new software as the biggest problems.

They also say that investors do not care that much how the PS3 performs against the 360 or Wii but instead how "it stacks up compared to the sales curve of historic Sony products", i.e. the PS1 and PS2.

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QuackPot4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

...but that will change.

Even if the Ps3 was the same price as an xbox 360, sales would still remain relatively low due to the lack of quality games and net service. The 360 simply - at present - has alot more to offer. However, 3 million sales so far isn't bad for such an expensive machine with next to no games and an unproven net service.

The price for next gens have always been high on release but eventually do drop.
Unfortunately, the Ps3 is now in a highly competitive market competing against a dirt cheap quirky old gen console(Wii) and a cheaper next gen console(xbox 360) with an impressive library of games and proven net service.

Yes, the price for the Ps3 will come down faster than scheduled due to this competitive market but Sony won't be rushed into doing so. It doesn't need to. Afterall, we're only 7 months into an expected 10 year life cycle without the proven hit franchises(FF, MGS, GT, Gow etc) being released yet let alone sure new hits like Little Big Planet, KZ2 or Warhawk. And the games are coming - rest assured. It's currently a trickle but it will turn into a flood.

And least we forget all those current Ps2 owners whose machines will finally give up the ghost in a year or two. They will undoubtedly migrate to the Ps3 when the price significantly comes down and when there is an impressive library of games and a quality net service.

Sony desperate....I think not. It's a foregone conclusion. The war has already been won. Have some patience and then you'll see.

Maldread4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

I think Microsoft could be holding the key to when Sony has to drop the price of PS3, but that matter has gotten a bit more complicated with Elite coming, because i doubt they can drop the Elite`s price by x-mas, it would be too soon. But if they cut out the core, and drop the premium 360 to the core`s price by x-mas, Sony may have to follow. But again with the Elite there, who knows. I think it`s a bit wait and see what the opposition does in this case.

There is doubt Sony is doing their best to be prepared for a price drop, which i think is a big possibility of happening this winter to about the Elite`s price point, but we`ll see (hell if they introduce a "new" model, they can say they dropped the price on regular one, because of the new).

I see the price as the most difficult barrier for Sony actually, i think the games will come this year, although Sony most try harder to hold on to and secure good exclusive games for themselves.Most people i know of havn`t bought a new console yet, because they`re waiting for a PS3 price drop.

Vojkan4246d ago

OMG they say that PS3 failed? OMG i stoped reading after that, so retarded!

paracardium4246d ago

how is it failing when it's selling better then its rival 360 did at this point in time in it's life.To much crap spued on this site. No reserch barely just find something somewhere and copy and paste lol.

calderra4246d ago

1) It is?
2) As said in the article, it's about how PS3 is failing COMPARED TO Ps1 and Ps2, so #1 is irrelevant anyway.

Neutral Gamer4246d ago

Lads, read the article more closely and you'll see that your reactions are slightly over the top me thinks! :p

They say it's failing RELATIVE to what the shareholders were expecting after the massive success of the PS2. This article is all about the shareholders and how they care less how it performs against the 360 and more how it performs against the previous PlayStation products.

Cheers :)

THAMMER14246d ago

Reading is fundamental. This article is very much pro PS3 and give us one of the most detailed summaries of Sony’s game divisions current plans and obstacles. Over all it is a good read.

BIadestarX4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Don't even try asking them to actually read the article. They refused to believe the Idea that the PS3 is not breaking records on all fronts.

VirtualGamer4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Shareholders care about the overall performance of a company. And if you look the share price has gone up over the past 2 years which would be an indication that the shareholders see value in what Sony is doing so this idea that Ken was sacrificed to placate investors is pure speculation and really does not stand up to scrutiny.

As stated, simply having Ken retire does not solve anything. Its what Sony does going forward that matters. Was this not true even if Ken stayed? They hint that the replacing of hardware for software emulation in the EU to reduce price was something Ken would not agree to but yet he was still in charge when this was done and it was stated by Sony all along to be part of their overall plan.

Companies like Sony have a game plan and they are simply executing that game plan. Look at the announcment of Home as part of that and no one saw it coming. What else does Sony have up their sleeves? E3 should be interesting indeed! In any event, you don't do kneejerk reactions like dropping your price and taking even more of a loss simply because the media is saying your product is failing or is struggling. Again the only thing Sony needs to do is get more games out to make the system more desirable and worth the price in the eyes of gamers. Come this Christmas, Home will be out and in full swing. Little Big Planet, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Drake's Fortune, Rachet and Clank, etc will be out. The Playstation Eye will be released and we will see cool things with that. All that coupled with what the PS3 already offers and I think you will find people willing to pay $600 for the system. I would not look for a price drop until after X-mas this year. The fact MS has come out with an even more expensive SKU then the premium 360 means they feel people are willing to anti up for more features which still don't match what the PS3 offers.

drtysouf214246d ago

@ VirtualGamer.
I was about to write something similar to all that but you took the words right out of my mouth. I also think that the people that hate on Sony don't truly feel Sony will fail but that thats what they hope and wish will happen because they don't want to have the obsolete console but the fact is if Sony ups their game then so will Microsoft and it'll go back and forth and the people that own the consoles will be the winners because we will have all the great things that both companies offer to one up the other company.

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