PS3 Home Security

EQDruid posts on gametab fourms:
"OK, I was messing around with the PSP to PS3 Remote use. Here's the set up.

One of my PS3's is downstairs in my living room. I turn on the PS3 to Remote play, and run upstairs to listen to some tunes and such while upstairs.

Now my PS3 has an EYETOY hooked up to it, so I was wondering if I could start a Video Chat with my PSP thur Remote play.

Sure enough It works.... Not only could I get another person into my Video chat, but I can also see my Downstairs living room on my PSP FULL SCREEN.

I played around with it, and now if I wanted to watch what ever was going on where ever my PS3 is I can thur remote play.

This means once Remote play can take place thur any WiFi area, you can leave your PS3 on, Just to see what is going on at home where ever your Eyetoy is facing."

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Halonator4239d ago

one of the coolest things ive seen

MikeGdaGod4239d ago

i can't wait until this WiFi update comes

when people see the connection with the psp and ps3, it will be great advertisement for both systems

BIadestarX4239d ago

Pretty cool. I can think of a few things I can do with this feature.

Blasphemy4239d ago

Same I could really use this.

gta_cb4239d ago

yeh man this is pretty cool, i can already stream stuff to my PSP using homebrew with custom fw :D its great, always loved the good old PSP =P

Cartesian3D4239d ago

I feel the future right now...

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The story is too old to be commented.