Gears of War Map Pack Review

Four new maps to battle on, but are they worth the $10 entry fee? GWN have an in-depth review of the new download to help you decide if you should buy it now, or wait a few months until it is released for free!

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God of Gaming4239d ago

Ran through them tonight, gotta say I am impressed. They are all on the large size with TONS of weather effects and brand new locals. Epic did great with these maps.

THAMMER14239d ago

I totally agree. I played for almost 4 hours straight last night. The weather effects on the subway are the best. It also adds to the drama when you joystick jumps as lightning strikes. I do feel like I got my Moneys worth. I also singed up for the world tournament last night too.

Close_Second4239d ago

...put all that crap about having to pay for them aside. These maps deliver and they deliver in style. The detail is fantastic and all the maps look glorious on an HD screen. Oh and the weather effects, well lets just say they are the icing on a very sugar enriched cake!

Lets face it, you might as well get in on the action now as Halo 3 is due for release not long after the maps become free and I dare say many will jump to that ship.

I have no buyers remorse over this purchase at all!

gta_cb4239d ago

are you kidding?! paying to buy maps when you have already brought the game! thats not right!

... only joking mate lol i also brought these maps and they are FANTASTIC! i particulary like Subway and Process, but bloody hell! bullet marsh being so dark coloured and all the detail! i must say i am SOOO... [email protected] happy i had my HDTV before i got these maps! they really do look fantastic, Garden is also good but i like the others more. Fantastic job EPIC, i reckomend this download to ALL people!

dominusbellum4239d ago

is it true on one of the maps you can turn off a generator and kryll will come after you b/c what if your own teammates are out there and you don't know it(u know the one's that don't have or don't use the mic) j/w cuz i don't want to kill my own teammates but am def. gettin these maps tonight either way

God of Gaming4239d ago

On one map you have to turn off poison gas to get to certain weapons. On Bullet Marsh do NOT wander into the really dark areas... :) honestly these maps look better than the original game. Epic has pushed the engine even further.

DISCIPLE1114239d ago

I just started 2 get awesome at this game with no scoping wid thA SNIPE AND JUST 2 DAYS AGO MY XBOX GOT THE 3 RED LIGHTS OF DEATH now i find out they just released 4 gr8 maps MOTHERF*#[email protected]%!!!!!!!!