Wii's not a great product, says Microsoft

May 04, 2007 - In a new interview with EWeek, the president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, Robbie Bach, has given his take on the next-generation console battle, explaining where the Xbox 360 fits in compared to Wii and PlayStation 3.

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snoop_dizzle3853d ago

wasn't it Msoft that said it was a good console?

PS360PCROCKS3853d ago

No the said they liked the ingenuity of the controller and that you could get a 360 and a Wii for the same price of a PS3. That's all. Now it's competition so now they'll bash it lol

WilliamRLBaker3852d ago

I didn't know he was bashing it, All he said was it didn't have the horse power and the only real thing it was pushing was a new way to control things, And the ps3 all he said was true they are experiencing all those problems and thats a simple fact.

All in all it was simply a laying down of the facts, he never siad the 360 was the best, or the worst, and he never said ps3 or wii sucked, just laid down the facts as the industry knows them.

And thats
Wii=Underpowered but innovative but really only pushing a new way of controlling things.

Ps3=powerful, but problems with price, cost of production, and content.

and any one without fanboy goggles know those are true.

marionz3853d ago

i kinda agree, i want to like the wii but i feel like i would be buying an outdated product
next gen (current gen) is only just getting started and the wii is mostly getting ps2 ports because it cant compete with the newer games out there
and why would i want to download ond nes games? i prefer to download actual arcade games not old stuff that i can get easy az with an emulator
but still i want to like the wii, i really wish i could...mario strikers looks fun but its not enough

kingofps33853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

""But Sony I think has some real challenges," he said. "They’ve got a pricing problem, they have a cost problem, they have a content problem, and they don’t have an online service."" This guy sure is ignorant as hell. Also, what’s he says that Sony doesn't have an online service? Also, I heard that Xbox Live does not have Clan support. Is that true? If it is, then thats is totally lame.

DJ3853d ago

??? Whoa, talk about some hardcore denial. Is this guy That threatened by Sony's great/free online service?

Hayabusa 1173852d ago

There are just as many bullsh!t comments made about the 360. It's called fanboyism, or in this case, propaganda.

TheWishman3853d ago

For once,Microsoft is right.

The Wii is garbage, i owned sucks

drfunkenstein3853d ago

Nice to see a Cubs fan...

Go Cubs, Go! Go Cubs, Go! Hey Chicago whad'ya say the Cubs are gonna win today!

EZCheez3853d ago

You know most of the titles for these stories are somewhat "paraphrased" and made to get attention, but damned if this guy didn't actually say it.

Sounds about as arrogant as Sony PR.

eques judicii3852d ago

i agree, he did say that the controller was good, but that the "rest" of the console was not that great....

techie3852d ago

Actually he says "Wii<Xbox 1"

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