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PlayStation LifeStyle: "With Sony's GamesCom Press Conference only two days away. Just like we did with our shockingly accurate E3 predictions, we've decided to compile a list of what we 'predict' Sony will have in store for PlayStation owners. Sony's GamesCom Press Conference is this Tuesday, August 18 in Cologne, Germany."

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spandexxking3289d ago

yeah i remember when sony announced the ps3 slim....oh wait, they didnt.

Sev3289d ago

Get over it. The PS3 Slim is real, and we were the first to talk about it.

It was supposed to be announced at E3, but they waited to let the PSP Go shine.

The rumors are showing that the PS3 slim is ready to hit retail this September, which is before the PSP Go is hitting retail.

You really think if it's that far along in production that it wasn't known internally by Sony before/during E3?

I get my info from inside Sony. There was talk of the PS3 slim. We thought E3 was the prime venue to announce it. Looks like GamesCom is the venue of choice.

I am sick of people like you selling us short. We brought you Trico, we brought you PSP Go info, we told you about the massive support of PSOne games in the pipeline, even called Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII. ALL of which have made it to the PS Store already.

We are off a couple month with the PS3 slim announcement and you feel the need to slap us in the face for it? Got a problem? Don't visit the site.

Unbiased13289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I guess people don't know what means rumor or prediction. I think most of them think rumor or prediction = fact - doesn't come true on same date and hour as predicted? = you are a lier and a fluke.

Mo0eY3289d ago

Sev, don't feed the troll. Just let that little tard talk all the crap he wants, and you keep bringing us the inside scoops. Regardless if it's true or not, any PS3 news makes me happy. So if you're right about the PS3 Slim, good job; if you're not, it just means that your source was incorrect. It happens to the best of the rumors sometimes.

Etseix3289d ago


this is open zone, trolls feed from hate in here lol
dont mind the bots around here, we all know we can trust in ur site :/

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Unbiased13289d ago

Here is what we ‘predict’ Sony will announce at GamesCom:

* PS3 Slim - 120GB HDD - $299 - YES
* Gran Turismo 5 World Wide Release Date - YES
* Heavy Rain Character Reveal - Release Date - CONFIRMED
* PS2 Backwards Compatibility Firmware Info - Maybe
* More Motion Controller Details - Duh
* New SCE PS3 RPG - that is for TGS, they are not going to show JRPG durring European event, so huge NO
* Sony Bend PS3 Game - Possibly Syphon Filter - I expect something from SCEEurope studios, most of them have been quite so far.
* Agent Reveal Trailer - yes
* New PSN Service - Probably
* PSP Go App Store - Duh
* Starhawk Reveal - NO
* Reinvigorated PS Eye Support - too early
* Pledging more support for PlayStation Home - like every time.

I think there is going to be one new big game from one of SCEE studios and bunch of PSN games, don't expect more from this event.
But there will be more from TGS, finally Legend of Dragoon 2, time to show that one, with Dark Cloud 3.

Unbiased13289d ago

Who me? I actually just copy/paste prediction from PSLS(click link) and then gave my logical opinion. I don't know sh!t, just my opinion and guess.

Sev3289d ago

No, hes not Gamesblow. After the Gamesblow Twitter account fiasco, he wont be showing his face for a long long time. Hes back working at Gamestop.

Are you still waiting for that major 3rd party that Sony signed? LOL

Kain813289d ago

...sorry if it felt like it
but your predictions remembered me of GamesBlow/Silogon (Same Person)

Kain813289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

i wanted to believe him, but i Questioned him, cause his behaviour remembered me of Silogon. He promised his new homepage, but than... i think you know what happend...

Galvanise3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

the RPG is going to be a JRPG? It could be a WRPG.

aparri243289d ago

who is Gamesblow?...and what he did?....

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ActionBastard3289d ago

Twisted Metal PS3
PS3 Slim
PSN Upgrade info
PS2 emulation

That's what I'm thinking.

Raoh3289d ago

your setting yourself up for dissapointment..

David Jaffee has stated many times that the old gameplay of twisted metal would not work and he does not want to do that. he then followed it up with the fact that his own research people would want to be able to get out of their cars, larger worlds to roam in etc and he felt that would make the game more of a grand theft auto and not twisted metal. according to jaffee again.. twisted metal is not necessarily dead, but it is in no way currently on the table..

I would like to see a PSN version release. i no longer have a BC PS3 and would love to play twisted metal a gain.

supremacy3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

do you ever think sony will somehow, you know inject the ps3 with the most needed.

cross voice chat, and party system along with voice messaging? i mean backwards compatablity is nice but i also dont mind just buying them ps2 games of the store since there are bound to be many of those games you wont able to find in actual retail stores anyway.

but yeah an injection of the features above would really make the ps3 a more attractive machine thats is if its added to what ps3 already has like built in wifi,(which i hope remains in the slim) bluray, HDMI, and harddrive. all @ 299? that right there would just wet the appetite for this system.

what you think?

Fishy Fingers3289d ago

The features you request are said to be included in 3.0 (firmware), I believe even Sony stated so.

sephy 9 2 53289d ago

give 360 owners or someone who's played a 360 online a reason to perhaps purchase a PS3. PS2 owners, Wii owners, and others who haven't been tapped wouldn't buy a PS3 because they included features Live has.

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