Xbox 360 HD DVD player was weak link in HD DVD crack

Next week, new HD DVD movies will hit the shelves that won't play on some players, the first countermeasure by the content and software industries to combat intensive efforts by hackers to break copy-protection technology.

The move comes four months after hackers first poked a hole in AACS (Advanced Access Content System), the complex encryption scheme used to protect HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs. In the interim, they've been able to decrypt HD DVD movies and, theoretically, upload them to file-sharing networks.

The development, disclosed on the forum for video technology aficionados, ironically involved the use of an HD DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360, the gaming system from Microsoft, one of the backers of the AACS system.

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ITR4120d ago

HD-DVD now...Blu-Ray next.

DRM is only made to be broken and then re-broken again.

EZCheez4120d ago

Will HD-DVD add-on owners be able to get the Corel update to play newer releases? What about the stand-alone players? This article makes it sound like these items will be obsolete in a month. That's not possible........right?

And by the way, this hacking crap has gotten out of hand. I think ITR is right that Blu-Ray will be next, and I also think all the piracy issues might affect the prices of standalones in an round-about sort of way.

fjtorres4120d ago

What the crackers did was use the HD-DVD add-on (which is just a USB Bare Drive) on a *PC* with custom software tools to crack the PC playback software to get the keys that way.
No 360s were harmed in any way in the developing the crack. ;-)

gta_cb4120d ago

the only thing about piracy is with the HD movies (being HD-DVD or BluRay) they take up soo... much space, so people are going to have to have loads of space... maybe buy the good old 1TB HDD that has recently come out...

calderra4119d ago

The part that I love is that people ONLY talk about HD-DVD when this happens. BluRay has ALREADY released some movies that don't play on some players due to this exact issue.