More details from Splinter Cell: Conviction

Finnish magazine Magaza Pelaaja has the first details, on Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Unlike most other titles in the franchise, Conviction will mostly play out during the day, and this time Sam Fisher teams up with Third Echelon to help Anna Grimsdottir, Sam's former intelligence gathering operative, who is in trouble. When Sam Fischer is being fed bogus intel and supplied with wrong equipment, he turns on his former employer, realizing the threat comes from within Third Echelon. Currently only scheduled on Xbox 360 for later this year.

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4239d ago
hamburgerhill4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Please just make a good Splinter Cell game and make me feel the way I felt when I 1st played this game on xbox and the night vision and stealth movement was amazing!

power of Green 4239d ago

SP is a series that is grounded in realality, you won't find cloaking suits with cyborg ninjas with drama so over the top its like the charectors are auditioning for Broadway plays or running around hiding in a box in SC.

Just got through playing some DA why act so suprized about daylight?.

4239d ago
ASSASSYN 36o4239d ago

Xbox only so far...given it`s appearance on the ps3 recently it should stay home.