10 men who changed the video game industry forever

The video game industry has grown leaps and bounds, from a mere fad to a world wide phenomena and a multi-billion dollar industry. Video game and technology site presents a list of 10 men who, in their opinion, changed the video game industry forever.

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Model3201d ago

who wouldnt remember Krazy Ken

ABizzel13201d ago

This is more of a who's who in gaming, there are candidates more deserving for who changed the video game industry. Some of the people on the list are no more than Businessmen who lead a company rather than people hard at work making game engines, amazing games, or features for the consoles. Ted Price is making his 3rd PS3 game he deserves to be here. Whoever, came up with the concept for Xbox Live deserves to be here. Miyamoto deserves to be here.

And hopefully I'll be able to join the people on this list.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Kutaragi should be second though. He is the "Gutenberg" of videogames.

There are many guys missing on that list, including:

Hideo Kojima, Warren Spector, Tim Sweeney, Will Wright, John Carmack, Ken Levine, Koji Kondo.

Hell, maybe even Denis Dyack, John Romero, Ed Boon and John Tobias should be there before others! In spite of their latest failures...

Honorable mentions should include: Gary Gygax for laying the foundations of RPGs which have deeply influenced most modern videogames. CliffyB and David Jaffe for making very cool games and being very outspoken. Phil Harrison for his great GDC07 keynote. Mark Rein and Gabe Newell for being two of the best positioned fatsos in the industry.

This list is very console and japan biased, but even if it is, there are also important people missing, including:

Ralph Baer and Nolan Bushnell.

Creators of Warcraft.

Creators of OpenGL and Silicon Graphics


J. Allard, Kaz Hiri an Peter Moore don't deserve as much credit as many guys I just mentioned that are missing on this list.

CryWolf3201d ago

When is Ken Kutaragi coming back to Sony I hope sooner then later.

Shnazzyone3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I dunno about the Gutenberg analogy... I have always seen him as more of an Edison. While his ideas changed alot of things. It wasn't him alone that made things. Gutenberg at least built and designed the first printing press. If Kutaragi deserves credit for anything it is being good at making a fine presentation to showcase technology. He's a great adman. He knows marketing and he knows how to sell things. He knows how to tell people to make things and he knows how to ask for the right things to be made.

In that he is a legend. Miyamoto legend... no... but a legend.

PS(thanks for the fanboy bubble popping. I guess the similarities between a PS controller and an SNES controller and the actual origins of the Playstation is a touchy subject.)

likedamaster3201d ago

Agreed on everything. lol. Most of all, Shigeru Miyamoto should be up there at #1.

kunit22c3200d ago

"Allard co-ordinated and directed the development of the X-box 360" Right when I read that I couldn't help but think "why is he on here?"

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theusedfake3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

A couple people missing imho, but overall
decent list. Uematsu is a musical god.

TheColbertinator3201d ago

That list is missing John Carmack and Yu Suzuki

rukia_chan3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

ken kutaragi>>>>billga ytes...

NaiNaiNai3201d ago

Great list. Uematsu Is one of the best Composers Of our time.

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