Japan: Top 50 software sales 4/23-4/29

Here is last weeks top 50 software sales in Japan. Usual suspects - DS, Wii, PS2, PSP...and the 360, but the PS3 fails to show up.

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techie4247d ago

Note this is top 50 previous reprt was top 10 and without numbers.

TheMART4247d ago

The only thing I note is that the PS3 is totally absent.

As Bladestar says: the PS3 is as dead as the 360 in Japan. And I've said it before what will happen after the fanboys bought the BluRay player and the hype about the Wii with less content dies in the rest of the world:

Wii - Japan
360 - rest of the world

techie4247d ago

i know you retard...I put that in the description...duh

ITR4247d ago

No PS3 game at all?

360 had 2.

List was mostly DS and Wii games.

shotputking4247d ago

simply wow... i never thought, at this point, that there would be w 360 titles on the charts but no ps3s... maybe the japanese are losing loyalty to their own brand for some reason... or have there just not been any decent ps3 releases in a while? (not trying to bash, i just honestly don't know)... something has to be up for this to be happening.

surferace224247d ago

there is just no way possible for a ps3 game not to make a list that the 360 is making in japan. sorry it's just plain common sense, look at console sales, it's just a fake list.

gta_cb4247d ago

just remember that with all of those sales, most of them will use the PS3 for the BluRay player as its cheaper.

paracardium4247d ago

We'll see another 4 of these posts by Sunday lol. I don't belive any of this stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.