Portable Gravity Lifts and Turrets in Halo 3

The Bungie ninjas must be having a tough day today. After 5 Halo 3 videos were leaked earlier today, we've found yet another video. What's more, this video confirms two brand new items in Halo 3. First, the portable gravity lift is a reality. Second, Halo 3 will feature portable turrets. The video above shows both items in action. It's not know whether all turrets are portable or if they are equipment items similar to the bubble shield. Once a turret is picked up, the game switches to a 3rd person viewpoint, presumably allowing players to hose down opponents on foot.

Will there be any secrets left by the time the beta arrives?

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FeralPhoenix4247d ago

Just bring on the Beta!....these are some ugly vids, but that was cool how the turret is portable. -damm, just release the Beta already, Bungie.

THAMMER14247d ago

Portable turrets are something that I always wanted in Halo. I think the vids are blurry on purpose. I expect this game to be killer in HD. Hurry up that BETA!!!!

Evoluti0n4247d ago

crappy quality, very nice feature

gta_cb4247d ago

i have only recently got my HDTV, and was woundering... are betas and demos in HD aswell?... please tell me someone lol

nicodemus4247d ago

Yup. Halo 3 Beta's going to be HD and absolutely gorgeous.

grifter0244247d ago

Dang.. I love these leaked videos.. People cant video tape anything.. Crap.. How the he11 is this guy playing and moving at the same time??? If 1 person was playing and another was taping how can it be so trashy!! Dang man learn to videotape before you throw this on youtube.. Its getting kinda annoying to me though.. I would have liked it like halo2 .. You didnt hear anything until the day before it came out.. Thats when the commercials came out and you still didnt know anything about the game.. Its true are their going to be any secrets when it comes out! Dang

gta_cb4247d ago

prob not lol, although i would think that bungie arnt going to include everything into the beta, also i expect there going to add LOADS more when the beta is over. so hope for the best (not having things leaked and brought to our attension as we know that if its there we WILL always look at it lol

Vfor54247d ago

I bet the campaign will remain a big secret.

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The story is too old to be commented.