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Submitted by gaminoz 2372d ago | article

Getting Stuck Sucks: OXCGN's GamesThat Frustrate


"Games should be fun.

But sometimes they get to a point where the challenge simply becomes beyond frustrating and makes you feel like an incompetent, so you don't finish. Sometimes maybe it is your lack of skill, but other times it is just poor game design.

Or maybe the game becomes so boring that it becomes too frustrating to even bother finishing. After all, every second is a second lost of your life you'll never get back, and who wants to be stuck playing a game that's no longer fun?

Here are some of the games that have got under the skin of our staff.

Please let us know what games have pissed you off in the past (or present) in the comment section below." (ArmA 2, Blue Dragon, Culture, Forza Motorsport 2, Frogger, Ghost Recon, Grand Theft Auto IV, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, PC, PS2, PS3, Sonic Unleashed, Spore, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989, Too Human, Wii, Xbox 360)
Tipsed by: XboxOZ360

gaminoz  +   2373d ago
Yes there are a lot of categories:

Games you get stuck not finishing because they bore you to death...
Games you get stuck on because of spawning enemies from everywhere..
Games you get stuck on because of glitches...
Games you get stuck on because of stupid bosses...
Games you get stuck on because they are too hard...
Games you get stuck on because they are too long...

I really try to finish all games I get these days, but it can be a chore and achievement points and pride seem the only reasons to contiune...(Not very good reasons though...)
presto717  +   2372d ago
Every Tomb Raider game should be on that list.
REALgamer  +   2373d ago
I can't decide which I hate more...
Games that are so hard they make me want to break the disc in half (Ninja Gaiden springs to mind), or games that are so boring and devoid of immersion they make me hate myself for buying it (Terminator Salvation anyone?)
XboxOZ360  +   2373d ago
To tell you the truth, I don't finish most of my games - fast. Many wait months before getting to the end, so paitence is one fo my abilities, but some of the games just drive me around the bend and get put aside for a 'rainy day' . .

When all else fails and I need some frustration or venting, out come those games. But yes, several of those game mentioned, and the Ninja Gaiden one above sure do do it for me . . .
Godem  +   2373d ago
lol no one mentioned Mike Tysons: Punch out. lolz
cornfedgamer  +   2372d ago
I wouldn't say Punch Out is as frustrating as it is challenging. And I think there's a distinction between the two. When the game stops being fun and starts making you angry it has passed that threshold from challenging to frustration.
gaminoz  +   2372d ago
@ cornfedgamer

The problem is that different people have different levels of 'challenging'. My nephew can pass any game at first go, where I stuggle and swear my way through...if I get through some areas at all in some games.

For me games are about entertainment more than anything and if the challenge is too ridiculous or 'hardcore' then it just isn't entertaining anymore. I don't care about being able to say I've done things on Legendary difficulty...I just want to finish the game and have fun doing it.

I seriously don't have the time for high challenge...
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cornfedgamer  +   2370d ago
But is there a difference between frustration and challenge? Where is that line?
Immortal Kaim  +   2373d ago
I think the most frustration I have ever faced in a game, was TMNT on Nes. Those underwater sections with electric seaweed (LOL) were so bloody hard...
cornfedgamer  +   2372d ago
I agree. That game would have been a lot better without that underwater section. It was challenging enough as it was.
DelbertGrady  +   2373d ago
The problem with GTA IV was poor user/usability testing. A petty thing like lack of checkpoints completely killed the game for me. When a game starts to become penalizing instead of immersive is when I usually lose interest.
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Dogswithguns  +   2372d ago
I get stuck all the time in most of my games, and I didnt bother wanna even figure it out, so I just play multiplayer online.... oh, and I will go back and solve one day, that day never came.
XboxOZ360  +   2372d ago
I'm the opposite, while I might get stuck, and frustrated, I'll work through it, even if it takes ages to do so. I dislike MP online as the whole idea of a game (IMO) is to deliver a story of some kind and an obsticale for the player to overcome, in whatever way/s they can.

While getting all the Achievement points for some is the vital thing, that doesn't mean they actually finish a game in the true sense of the word.

I've played through some games several times in order to get through a level, or to achieve a different result and a better result. BUt there are those games that while great, still annoy the d.ickens out of me.

But they can also make the game (depending on the game of course) even more challenging. Like GRID, ppl hate it because it can be extremely punishing on the higher difficulty settings, especially when you get up into the Global Rankings and trying to work through with a team mate (AI) . .. where you can crash within the first lap, and be screwed for the whole race series.

But I have learnt that re-doing it over and over has taught me more about the mechanics of the game, and each car abilities, or disabilities as the case maybe.

In the end, for me, it's all fun, albeit it very frustrating fun.
cornfedgamer  +   2372d ago
I appreciate challenge in games because it makes it more fulfilling when you overcome the challenge. But challenge becomes frustration when it is created through horrible save points, or having only a few attempts before getting a game-over screen.
Xi  +   2372d ago
I like hard and challenging games.
I also don't mind long games as long as I have the time to invest.

However what I really hate is games that don't have a proper checkpoint system, so that once you died, and forgot to save you end up having to re do the entire thing all over again. Especially annoying when you've just wasted about 30 minutes or more.

I also hate games that are are difficult because they're cheap or unfair and not because they require a talent, skill or thought process.
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NaiNaiNai  +   2372d ago
I have hated Halo and CoD 4 since they came out. *Atleast online play wise* But for some reason I keep getting drawn back into it. T_T its so frustrating.
ShabzS  +   2372d ago
they went a little too real with gta 4 i think .... and i'm actualy a fan of that .... i was really glad to see rockstar take a more mature approach this time around .... but clearly most people just wanted to blow stuff up and fly jet packs ... but damn they could have atleast put in some planes ... i just dont get it... why no planes and parachutes
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MELMAN26  +   2372d ago
CAN YOU SAY.....TRIALS HD???????????
darkmurder  +   2372d ago
Games these days are no where near as hard as those back in the 80's. Games today are much more tolerable than some of the classics like Centipede ugh!

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