Getting Stuck Sucks: OXCGN's GamesThat Frustrate


"Games should be fun.

But sometimes they get to a point where the challenge simply becomes beyond frustrating and makes you feel like an incompetent, so you don't finish. Sometimes maybe it is your lack of skill, but other times it is just poor game design.

Or maybe the game becomes so boring that it becomes too frustrating to even bother finishing. After all, every second is a second lost of your life you'll never get back, and who wants to be stuck playing a game that's no longer fun?

Here are some of the games that have got under the skin of our staff.

Please let us know what games have pissed you off in the past (or present) in the comment section below."

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gaminoz3042d ago

Yes there are a lot of categories:

Games you get stuck not finishing because they bore you to death...
Games you get stuck on because of spawning enemies from everywhere..
Games you get stuck on because of glitches...
Games you get stuck on because of stupid bosses...
Games you get stuck on because they are too hard...
Games you get stuck on because they are too long...

I really try to finish all games I get these days, but it can be a chore and achievement points and pride seem the only reasons to contiune...(Not very good reasons though...)

REALgamer3042d ago

Games that are so hard they make me want to break the disc in half (Ninja Gaiden springs to mind), or games that are so boring and devoid of immersion they make me hate myself for buying it (Terminator Salvation anyone?)

XboxOZ3603042d ago

To tell you the truth, I don't finish most of my games - fast. Many wait months before getting to the end, so paitence is one fo my abilities, but some of the games just drive me around the bend and get put aside for a 'rainy day' . .

When all else fails and I need some frustration or venting, out come those games. But yes, several of those game mentioned, and the Ninja Gaiden one above sure do do it for me . . .

Godem3042d ago

lol no one mentioned Mike Tysons: Punch out. lolz

cornfedgamer3042d ago

I wouldn't say Punch Out is as frustrating as it is challenging. And I think there's a distinction between the two. When the game stops being fun and starts making you angry it has passed that threshold from challenging to frustration.

gaminoz3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

@ cornfedgamer

The problem is that different people have different levels of 'challenging'. My nephew can pass any game at first go, where I stuggle and swear my way through...if I get through some areas at all in some games.

For me games are about entertainment more than anything and if the challenge is too ridiculous or 'hardcore' then it just isn't entertaining anymore. I don't care about being able to say I've done things on Legendary difficulty...I just want to finish the game and have fun doing it.

I seriously don't have the time for high challenge...

cornfedgamer3040d ago

But is there a difference between frustration and challenge? Where is that line?

Immortal Kaim3042d ago

I think the most frustration I have ever faced in a game, was TMNT on Nes. Those underwater sections with electric seaweed (LOL) were so bloody hard...

cornfedgamer3042d ago

I agree. That game would have been a lot better without that underwater section. It was challenging enough as it was.

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The story is too old to be commented.