VF5 developers "begged" for Xbox 360 version

A recent interview with the minds behind Virtua Fighter 5 reveals the game's development history, the reason behind its switch to multi-platform, and an interesting perspective on the present state of the fighting game industry.

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TheMART4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

So how can we address this one?

"It's already been confirmed by numerous sources that the Xbox 360 version won't feature online play as of yet, and I'm surprised that the interviewers didn't address this. However, if you watch somewhere in the middle of the interview, one of the developers states that Xbox 360 users may be able to "view live matches". But how can you view live matches if there's no online play? I guess we'll just have to see."

Sounds a bit strange, able to "view live matches". Might the company have a surprise up its sleeve?


@ Jin (below)

You only say that because VF5 went to the 360 also.
When Tekken 6 is going to the other side also, you would make up another story.

Arkham4243d ago

View live matches of people playing locally on their 360.

Sounds like something along the same lines as what Phil Harrison was saying they wanted to bring to their network, eg viewing games in progress, captures of gameplay/replays, etc.

All in all a great idea. If they can get the streaming tuned enough so that sending that over the net isn't going to interfere with VF5's killer timing, of course.

GrooveChampion4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

He's probably just a Tekken fan. Even though VF is on 360, it won't have proper online play. I doubt anything but FIOS would really be able to handle the absolute precision needed in most tournament valid fighters.

Take DOA, multiplayer was pretty poor whenever I tried it, so online isn't all it's cracked up to be in a fighting game.

shotputking4243d ago

what??? do you honestly believe that?? that would be the dumbest idea ever... watch people play on their own machines, against the computer?? do you honestly believe that, or are you just an anti-360 gamer??

techie4243d ago

hm Arkham...that's already employed in Super'rub'a'dub. If you get stuck on a go to the top scorers and watch a recording of how they completed the level...all automatic and immediate. Not sure how it would work here.

Arkham4243d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

WTF is your problem, you little fanboi punk?

I was just suggesting that what the developers had in mind might be the possibility of watching a streaming off-line match between players, either computer or "Player 2".

What the hell was there in my comment that you could possibly take offense to? I said nothing against any console, in fact my comment was pretty positive.

Are you even aware how popular user-videos of gameplay have become? I'm not into it, but thousands of people post videos of their gameplay sessions.

Sorry if you're offended, but I'm truly sick of some brats here who are always looking to take offence to any post that even mentions another console -- on both sides.

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JIN KAZAMA4243d ago

NOTHING on TEKKEN. I cant wait for that game to come out. If its online, that would be just awesome, but then again, i sort of understand about the lag and timing. But PSN has HARDLY any lag, and we all know about the abhorrent XBL lag issues. Even if its not online, i cant wait for Tekken 6, I'll just get a bunch of my friends and have some crazy tekken matches.

SDS Gamerfiend4243d ago

Neither Sony`s online setup or Xbox Live has anything to do with the lag that one experiences! The lag comes from ones connection speeds! For example, I have 5000/kbs up and 30000/kbs down! Everyone loves my rooms and gets no lag! I actually see 4447-4800 up and 25000 to 28000 down! It`s great! I have optimum online with the Boost! If you don`t believe me, check out my isp! Fios who? I pay $65 a month while verizon wants $179 a month for those speeds!

razer4243d ago

PSN has lag! I will call you on that anyday! You are just a fanboy that will say anything pro Sony. I've had the BEST online experience on the 360, hand's down. If you disagree then you've not used Live. It really depends on who you are playing against and what their connection speed is. But my friends all have great connections so are games are smooth.

Good to see the dev's wanted it on the 360. Great games should be on all platforms.

bootsielon4243d ago

I disagree with you, it IS the best. And if you want the best experience, get the PS3 version. No loading times, and a better controller for fighting games. I hate 360's D-pad.

By the way, Xbox LIVE has lag too. So much for a yearly fee. Oh wait.

tomfoolery4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

and a life Jen.
360 lag.......bwahahaha!

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Covenant4243d ago

Thanks for using my tip.

As for the game: Possible online play: Bring it on!

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4243d ago

online play would make the reply value better

NextGen24Gamer4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

360 gamers got to be in Gaming Heaven when developers are jumping at the chance to bring their franchise games to the 360. Then you couple that with the fact that its relatively easy to develope for and has superior development tools this "Next Generation". 360 gamers have invested in a next gen console that developers love to develope for. When developers enjoy developing on a platform...they can put out their best work....and "Gamers" benefit from this.

In regards to the online play...Sega has always been an advocate for online gaming. They pioneered it with the Dreamcast and they continued on the original xbox....Though they haven't announced it...I would assume that VF will be online. They are probably play testing and making sure it will work to their standards....Dead or Alive did it flawlessly, and Virtua Tennis does as well along with many sports games. But, we will have to wait and see. I'm excited about it. I have played it on my ps3 and its a solid game. I have a feeling Sega will show some extra love to the 360 version. Its already been stated that it has better anti aliasing....Which will make it look smoother than the ps3 version. And with all the 1080p games thats been released this year for the 360....its a no brainer that it will be in full 1080p at 60 fps.

To the guy who said they tried Dead or Alive online and it had lag....well, I haven't expereinced any lag with that game. People have to understand that their experiences differ from others depending on their online connection. I have the highest connection possible through comcast cable. And I very rarely get any lag on games. And I'm always online. I have even played in games to where the guy on the other end was complaining about lag and from my side there was no lag at all. So everyones experience online will vary depending on your connection. Me....I don't have the lag issues that some may have on xbox live.

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