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More gamers prefer M.A.G over Halo 3: ODST in recent poll

In a three week poll conducted over at Blend Games (in conjunction with Electronic Theatre) gamers were given various descriptors for both Bungie's Halo 3: ODST and Zipper Interactive's M.A.G. There were various categories to vote on and according to the logs over the course of the aforementioned three weeks, just over three-to-one gamers preferred M.A.G over Halo 3: ODST. (Halo 3, MAG, PS3, Xbox 360)
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G3TDOWN  +   2211d ago
MAG is the new generation game like what GTA 3 used to be

256 players, hugeeeeee battles and ...

but games like Halo, Call of duty have been around for a while
mintaro  +   2211d ago
$90? what have you been seeing?

meant for 2
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nostalgic_noob  +   2211d ago
The future of gaming lies in products like MAG,
Not a 90 dollar 2 hour Halo 3 Expansion pack.
FordGTGuy  +   2209d ago
Well for one
They already said Halo ODST has a 6-7 hour singleplayer and its a standalone game without the need of Halo 3 so its $60 not $90.

Shouldn't you be in the Open Zone?
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Saaking  +   2211d ago
Ps3 exclusives are known for their quality so it's only obvious TRUE gamers would prefer quality.
cyguration  +   2211d ago
They should have made ODST $30 bucks and called it a day.

By comparison Xbox 360 gamers look like they are on the short end of the stick. Also, M.A.G has tons of potential...I'm really curious about how the persistent battles will work.
Chubear  +   2211d ago
First, why would they sell their game at 30bucks when they know it'll sell over 5mill in a year at $60? That doesn't make much business sense does it?

With MAG how it works is, like with other FPSs games like KZ2 & R2, the more you level up the more of the battle field you can see and influence. When you initially start out as a low level solider, most of the time you'll only be interacting with your squad and the game will feel like it's an 8v8 game though you'll definitly get the sense that there's a bigger battle going on around you and you can sometimes be ordered to join bigger battles.

As time goes on and you level up, you'll start to access more stuff that let's you see the bigger battle. By the time you get to be the top level player (or even the level b4 that) you'll have access to pretty much the whole map. RTS Gamers that love FPS will definitely look to get to this level cause it takes on a strategy aspect but players who aren't interested in strategy gaming at all will likely always want to remind a squad leader at best even though they've leveled up a lot.

The game really let' you choose how deep you want to go with the experience. It's not some 128v128 frag fest cause, though it sounds nice, the would be crap gameplay. If you're dying from grenades every 2secs you won't find that fun but you will definitely feel like you're play with 127 other players as you level up and a lot of the time you'll gel btw 8v8 type battles to 32v32 type battles depending on the situation.

The game is insanely awesome. I hope it does well for a game coming out in January.
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MGOelite  +   2211d ago
people are starting to see that odst is basically an expansion...
topdawg122  +   2211d ago
I agree, Mag is different and this could be big, they should include headsets in the special edition and in future ps3s to get the hype up. I just hope this doesn't attract the racists and little kids that are so rampant on xbl
Ninji  +   2211d ago
Of course gamers prefer MAG over ODST.
Can't say the same for the xbots though. I guess they are just used to getting ripped off these days (paying for online play, wifi, add-ons for flopped hd-dvd, avatar clothes, unsupported vision camera with no auto focus, etc) so they don't mind paying for overpriced DLC on a disc (or two...or three).
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-Mezzo-  +   2211d ago
At last quality is recognized.
cyguration  +   2211d ago
Don't be surprised...
if ODST sells a million off the bat, though. It's still Halo, no matter how much people with common sense recognize the franchise as a cash cow now.
Mo0eY  +   2211d ago
Sadly, I agree with 4.1. No matter if M.A.G. was the game of the generation, the label Halo , just like Mario, and Sonic back in his hay-day, slapped onto anything will surely rake in the cash. In time, those that fork over that cash see what the game truly is, but they have to make up a justifiable excuse for paying $40 too much for a game that should be $15-$20. They'll the claim it as the best game they've ever played causing other sheeple to take notice.

And this is how the rest of Halos were born.
Jerk120  +   2211d ago
Sounds like someone (AN OBVIOUS SONY FANBOY) went and called the Sony Defense Force when he saw how badly Halo was kicking MAGs ass.

It's amazing what these guys are stooping to now.


I guess they're not really entertained with their PS3, can't blame them for that though, I wouldn't be entertained with that piece of crap either.

They should go and get themselves a 360 instead.

GiantEnemyCrab  +   2211d ago

I'll be sure to refer back to this after the sales go down for both of these titles.

I trust these polls as much as I would trust a sex addict in a whore house to keep his pecker dry.
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shadow2797  +   2211d ago
You do that.
jack who  +   2211d ago
really this is the best yall can do?
Mo0eY  +   2211d ago
Wait, where is your typical Killzone 2 excuse?
Jijoro  +   2211d ago
This is pointless
I am sure MAG doesn't have all the stuff that it needs to matchup with the likes of Halo. Halo gots swords sticky grenades vehicles equipment etc... MAG is just another wannabee Halo killer :/ If you disagree then your dumb jealous and don't come up with your lame excuses :"(
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Mo0eY  +   2211d ago
Well, let's look at this way:

Would you rather have 256 multiplayer battles going on at once with 8 squad teams fighting for a separate goal that will help the team overall in the long run?

Or Halo 3's $60 expansion with a new mode, 2 hours of gameplay, a poster of Master Chief's crotch, and a metroid prime visor?
swiftshot93  +   2211d ago
I have zero interest in either game. MAG is another online shooter...yay?

and ODST is just more Halo...with a new mode and visor. The only thing that looks cool to me is the art style...but even with that the visuals still look outdated.

Modern Warfare 2 FTW.
coolirisGB  +   2211d ago
What is it now, the 5th or 6th game this generation so far?

Where did they take the poll on N4G? or maybe SDF.com?
albert_275  +   2211d ago
People are still complaining about ODST's price?
6 missions = 6 hours.
Moving from point to point = 3 hours total.
Campaign = 9 hours.
Firefight = (hopefully) over 9000!
Three new Halo maps = should be worth 10 dollars

That's pretty much a full game.

@swiftshot93: Modern Warfare 2 is SOOOOO much better than COD 4, right?
swiftshot93  +   2211d ago
yes it will be, actually.

Infinity Ward has yet to make a game that isnt amazing. CoD2 was awesome, CoD4 was amAzing, why would MW2 be any less?

The new Multiplayer trailer for MW2 looks much better than CoD4's.

Also customizing Kill streaks=B.A.D.A.S.S.
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topdawg122  +   2211d ago
I agree MAG could be huge and very fun, but Sony needs to start including headsets in every ps3 because this game is gonna need it no doubt and a lot of gamers won't be prepared.
keysy420  +   2211d ago
mag this will be interesting
people will buy halo becuase of the name. the problem is is that people know halo form what it did when the xbox first came around. then halo 2 brought online multiplayer and then halo 3 well halo 3 didnt do sh1t but get good sales. so until halo does something that will revolutionize gaming again then i dont see any reasonto keep suporting the game. it has already shown me with halo 3 that they arent into making the game any better or different just raking in cash now. mag will do what halo 3 didnt do that is bring something new. with the ps3 being affodable i see this happening.

If sony really want to put xbox out of the way and close the doors to them ever coming back sell the ps3 for 250. at that price if you still buy a xbox your crazy. they could stand to loose a little cash to reap the rewards. this would be a dagger into mS heart.

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