Microsoft's Bach: A Bad Meeting Day

Presentation leads to mass exit-Microsoft's MIX07 conference in Las Vegas this week was all about back-slapping, creating synergies, going forward and keeping a bunch of company people in front of a bunch of corporate consumers and potential consumers. Ideally, then, a marketing and PR dream come true. Until that is someone came up with the bright idea of allowing actual opinions to be expressed...

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shotputking4008d ago

what is the point of this article?? it just seems to be people behind magazines saying that technology won't take off (about 100 years ago maybe some people would be in agreemtn), and that advertising is bad unless it's in a print magazine that you can take to the bathtub... microsoft's advertising success is by accident? i didn't even realize microsoft was very successful when it came to marketing and advertising to the point where magazine people are making such comments... it just sounds like a bunch of magazine executives trying to convince people that magazines are the wave of the future, so they don't lose their jobs.

GrooveChampion4008d ago

It looks to be saying that people within the marketing and PR industry don't agree with MS's method of advertising and reaching out to new users. Richard Rasala seems to feel that any success MS has had in marketing was purely accidental, and question whether or not they could actually be successful by design.

The second quote was from the publishing head of The Economist, Andrew Rashbass. Even the article mentioned a possible notion of self-interest. At any rate, here's the quote:

"It's kind of funny to hear Robbie Bach giving a talk on advertising and monetization when he just lost $300m in the last quarter. It's difficult to engage consumers. Robbie can show a few examples but the examples he doesn't show are the thousands of examples that don't engage consumers. Technology doesn't engage consumers."

Sounds to me like various sources in the industry are laughing at MS. Walking out on a keynote is pretty rough, so it must have rubbed some people the wrong way.

power of Green 4008d ago

Its best you people skip what Jebissaveme post about the 360 he's only a Sony fanboy seeking out what he can to disscredit MS.

GrooveChampion4008d ago

It wasn't about the 360, it was about Microsoft.

gta_cb4008d ago

this is an odd article...