NA PlayStation Store Gets PS3-Playable PS1 Titles

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced updates to its PlayStation Store, including the debut of PS3 playable downloadable PS1 titles like Tekken 2 and WipeOut, and the original downloadable game Super Rub a Dub.

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Torch4009d ago

that the existing downloadable PSOne games would have to be re-released; I was under the impression that the last PS3 firmware update completely took care of cross-platform compatibility.

But what a great feature nonetheless.

Uh-oh...this announcement is giving me that "download-me-now" itch again.

Merovee4009d ago

But I believe if you've already bought it you can just re-DL it without paying. I think the issue is in the control scheme due to PSP's lack of a second analogue stick.

btkadams4009d ago

awesome. i really hope they start adding more ps1 games to the psn store now. cuz before i didnt feel that much of a need to play on my psp. but now i can play crash on my ps3 and if I go away I can play it on my psp. sweet deal

consolecrusader4009d ago

This is awsome PSN is coming along nicely now!

4008d ago
marshman4009d ago

I cant wait to play Gauntlet II
also i will probally download some old PS1 games for PSP and PS3 now that i can play on both.

1337 gamer4009d ago

when does the EU get all the good stuff ! we still don't have ninja gaiden demo and now this :( that sucks

XxZxX4009d ago

well you do get Home beta before we do.

harpua4009d ago

i thought the home-beta trial already started in the US?

EZCheez4009d ago

make an American account? It can't be anywhere near as hard as when I made my Japanese account.

Making a different account will enable you to get the downloadable content that is exclusive to that area. I have the Hot Shots Golf 5 demo and the Devil May Cry 4 trailer on my PS3, and I live in the U.S.

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The story is too old to be commented.