MGS Portable Ops NOT on sale tomorrow

The accidental omission of the BBFC stamp from the Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops UMD has meant that the PSP exclusive game won't be going on sale tomorrow as originally planned and that retailers have had to return all their copies of the game...

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4245d ago
Evil Rant Monkey4245d ago

What is this all aboot? I already own this game!

gta_cb4245d ago

"retailers have had to return all their copies of the game" so for those who already have the games such as kovenator what do you have to do?...

powerslide4243d ago

i have got a copy too!!

I went to game as soon as they opened i bought my copy....probably they didn't know about the problem.

Anyway, yes, there is no bbfc stamp on the umd......and the game is awesome!!