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Submitted by shaunmcilroy 2372d ago | news

BlazBlue Is Coming To Europe Next Year With New Characters

One Last Continue writes:
It's just been announced that publisher PQube will be bringing Arc System Works developed title BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger to the European regions in 2010. Why so late to the party? It's got new stuff added for extra deliciousness like new characters! (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, PS3, Xbox 360)

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RayMustang  +   2372d ago
Awww why can't they make all version the same
I'm sick of it
I bought Blazblue the limited edition like nearly 2 month ago
And this is bulls...

Yeah DLC !
I don't give a crap about DLC
DLC is just an excuse to a game that isn't complete
well okay not really, but I feel that way

Same with Tales of vesperia...
Lelouch V Brit  +   2372d ago
same here, I bought Blazblue the limited edition, I Can't believe this the companies love to screw customers.
mastiffchild  +   2372d ago
So you'd prefer to be in the UK watching while the US plays the exact same version of games as you but have to wait ages to get them yourself and sometimes after all the Japanese and US gamers have deserted the online servers?

To me having to import the spec ed that you both have is still preferable to having to wait(and this is no kind of confirmation at all)til the "new year" all the time!

Plus you lot pay less than us so we deserve more content! Seriously it's swings and roundabouts and they have to make up for the wait in some way, don't they? Or should the EU wait longer and pay more and get nothing to make up for those evil facts? Be fair guys.
menoyou  +   2372d ago
You're retarded if you can't see the difference between this and most of the other DLC. If these characters are even DLC which is not confirmed, it's obvious that they were not finished when the game was released. When people complain about DLC they are complaining about companies not including things that are already made just to squeeze money out of people.

People without brains shouldn't speak...
ia_studio  +   2371d ago
If the DLC is free there should be no problem.
jack_burt0n  +   2372d ago
Yay cos it December and new year is right around the corner!?!?1?!?1?!?
shaunmcilroy  +   2372d ago
Think it over, if you want you can actually import it to Europe and miss out on the added stuff. Or like most of the UK/EU who likely haven't heard of the title it doesn't matter anyway.

New Characters - YESSIR!

I do however, get your point, as Q1 2010 could very well mean March, more than likely Feb. :(
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Tribunal  +   2372d ago

new stuff =)
i wonder what it is cant wait

edit: i hope its the butler(new character)
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Gun_Senshi  +   2372d ago
damn it
i imported last week and costed me 100 usd
shaunmcilroy  +   2372d ago
I really do feel sorry for you as I thought it would NEVER come this way
Gun_Senshi  +   2372d ago
I'm happy with current selection, Noel, Jin and Bang.

I hope I can play against european people, and EU people will not have advantage due to characters/new moves.

I soon got platinum (My 1st platinum ever) and soon level 30 (after I need to get 150 player matches for plat)
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RayMustang  +   2372d ago
That's right !
We would be unfair
Unless they release DLC...

So it's Arcsysgames
I'll wait for

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger X, X-2, Accent core +
Gun_Senshi  +   2372d ago
I think there will be no Accent Core Accenot Core + etc due to ease of DLC on Consoles.

If this holds true good thing I bought USA Version, there is no PSN Store where I live and I am unable to buy from other EU Stores, oddly enough USA accepts my credit card while EU stores say "Invalid CC"
RayMustang  +   2372d ago
Mmmm weird...
Oh well
It's just me, I just hate DLC (well 90% of it)
If they release Blazblue 2, the new character will mostly be on it
So why I'm gonna buy for about 5-7$ for one character, like the DLC maps for Halo 3 for their next game, Halo 3: ODST, all the maps will be on the second disk

Unless it's free it's okay...

That's weird for your credit card, did you import your PS3?
Gun_Senshi  +   2372d ago
No My PS3 is European, PS Store in Europe check your credit card address to see it matches which the country, of course mines does not.

Yes most DLC sucks horribly, like charging to unlock in game stuff *cough CAPCOM* or pay for some map that is free on PC.

Then there is DLC done right, like Valkyria Chronicles.
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Baka-akaB  +   2372d ago
Well at least US store stuff are usually cheaper , when you factor exchange rate .
Sprud  +   2372d ago

Have you actually tried that? I've bought stuff from the US store with my Norwegian VISA. Everything is cheaper that way too :)
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shaunmcilroy  +   2372d ago
it would have to be released as DLC anyway because you cant have folks with new characters playing worldwide...just wouldnt happen!
MiloGarret  +   2372d ago
So how do I go about getting the dlc which will probably only be available in the US Playstation Store? I imported it about a month ago and love it but I've been way to busy with Wipeout HD (I just beat Zico YESSS) to spend much time with it.

The promise of more characters is a welcome one though, that's pretty much the only thing about the game which IMO isn't 10/10.

I play as Nu, Taokaka or even Hakumen and I'm at level 28 with 70% win/loss ratio which I'm proud of cause I generally suck at fighting games. I despise Jin, Noel and Ragna players as they are pretty much all I ever play online... I guess if there were more characters people wouldn't use those 3 as much. Or maybe it's just cause it's so easy to play with them... either way (!), the online componenet would really benefit from more characters as it would bring more variety to the multiplayer.
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shaunmcilroy  +   2372d ago
You could probably get it off the PSN store somehow, there are always workarounds!
Gun_Senshi  +   2372d ago
Eww you play as Nu and Hakuman
Sniper430  +   2372d ago
using hakumen and nu would explain your 70% win ratio >.<
MiloGarret  +   2372d ago
Nu is overpowered, I know, but I only use her against players that have jin/noel/ragna as their main character on their Drive card. Hakumen is low tier and admittedly one of the worst characters in the game, so I don't see how that contributes to my ratio... Maybe your Jins just can't handle his awesomeness, because he is, AWESOME.

And this is besides the point, but my highest ratio is actually with Taokaka who is also my main.

ANd @Gun_senshi: I think I've played against you, I recongnize the name, and I only remember the names of people who beat me so congrats... I think!
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Megaton  +   2372d ago
lol @ Gun_Senshi bashing this dude for using Nu and Hakumen, while in post 4.2 you say you use Noel and Jin. Jin is retard-proof. Icecar + CCCCCCCCCCCCCC = win. He's worse than flowchart Kens in Street Fighter.
Baka-akaB  +   2372d ago
Well it's the same crap in so many fighting games online anyway .
Sadly people always pick the "scrubs characters" online , even more if they thrives better under lag .

Hell despite being quite balanced , at least more than SF4 and BB imo , i bet you'd see a swarm of kyo or iori online , with a dash of joe (his darn kicks and tiger are quite deadly) .
That is if online wasnt so dead in the water (while waiting for the miracle patch ) .

And hakumen is my fav char . Full of delicious flaws that prevent him from being a top tier dog , yet still very enjoyable .

yet , you should see how he constantly bash SF4 for imbalances and tiers , while BB as awesome as it is , isnt fairing better in that departement . And is actually even worse :p .
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Veneno  +   2372d ago
King of Fighters
Best there is , best there was, and the best there ever will be....

why do you think they call it "The King of Fighters"?
Megaton  +   2372d ago
@Baka - Yeah, I think it definitely has some balancing issues. I'm still not very good at BB, haven't even picked someone to main, but I've won several ranked matches in a row using Jin, against people as high as 47. It's too easy to win with him and his cheesy moves.
MiloGarret  +   2372d ago
Nu and Arakune are waaaaaay too powerful when used by great players (not me), just pray you don't have to fight either of them when up against skilled players. I think Rachel is considered A+ too.

Hakumen, Tager and Carl are at the bottom (that's not to say they can be quite deadly in the right hands).

Jin, Noel and Ragna are easy to use and if you have any clue concerning fighting games you'll be more or less successful with either of them up to a certain degree using only meager skills. I recommend changing to someone else, because the "transition period" might be rough, also, I know for a fact that a lot of players simply refuse to fight Jin because they've become bored by him online.
Megaton  +   2372d ago
I'd like to main Tao, but I can't really get into a combo groove with her. I hear Rachel is the best if you know how to use her properly, and cheesy Arakunes get on my nerves, stupid bees.
ultimolu  +   2372d ago
I'm importing that version dammit. That's not characters?
Veneno  +   2372d ago
The new characters
probably will be something like Robo-Ragna or Robo-jin.
MiloGarret  +   2372d ago
Hopefully Robo-Hakumen, imagine a robotic cybersamurai, epic stuff..
PlusXP  +   2372d ago
The new stuff sounds awesome :)
NeoBasch  +   2372d ago
This will likely be DLC, so I'm not too worried. Game is awesome though, so I'm willing to spend a couple extra dollars for new content.
Baka-akaB  +   2372d ago
i bet those extras will be dlcs anyway available for all at some point , and most likely new version of guys like ragna etc
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monkey nuts  +   2372d ago
Well I'm just glad the fury expansion dropped for wipeout when it did, it took my mind off importing BB from the US( playasia wouldn't ship to EU).Good things come to those who wait and all that.
bloodred_dragon  +   2372d ago
The extra characters and attacks really need to be free dlc. Arcsys knows there will be a LOT of upset fans if they don't.
Midgard228  +   2372d ago
we wish lol
but ever hear of guilty gear xx2 accent core? how bout ggxx2 reload? ggxx2 accent core plus?

fact is people spent money on these and full price too, so no one shud whine about DLC, i'd rather have dlc than none, aslong as its cool.

i think the new moves for exsisting characters shud be free tho, i wud just pay for the new characters. they probably will cuz wat wud happen when u fight someone from europe in USA? lol that wouldnt be fair

"oh no his ragna has more moves than my ragna, NOOOOOO!!!!"
matta  +   2372d ago
fff... I bought this 4 days ago when I was in the US.

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