PS3 Wangan Midnight Release Date and New Screens

A release date for Wangan Midnight has arisen in the form of July 26th. That is, for Japan...and the game may be in need of an import, since the anime art direction of these screenshots are very pleasing.

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GamerMan4245d ago

It looks more like a spin off of Initial D... if you ever watched the series it is all about Drifting style racing and most of it is downhill.

This game is more street racing but with the same stylish animation as Initial D. It does look interesting and if this game makes it across seas I would definitely like to play it.

gsquad4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

The Ps3 is region code-less. That means you can just import it from Japan. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!

GamerMan4245d ago

Oh but it still needs to make it across the sea to get to me :P

I would prefer it to be localized although my understanding of the japanese language is getting better with all the anime I watch... I'm not an elitist and prefer plain old English so i don't have to think of what they are saying and I can enjoy it easier.

Although if it had any form of English I would play it.. of course if I know it's never coming .. I will have it come over seas regardless.

brianodom4245d ago

thats what it is.... a sequal to initial D !!!

Mkdcoupe44202d ago

This game looks really good, im going to have to get it