New Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Versus XIII high resolution screenshots

Two new high resolution screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII from the official Square Enix Party 2007 website have surfaced.

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Counter_ACT4005d ago

Why didnt you source the site where you found the news? Unfair.

Bonsai12144005d ago

they're only CG pics (i think), so we're not missing out on much.

Kastrol4005d ago

agito is a mobile game right

IBLEEDBLU4005d ago

bon - CG or not - this game will be amazing just like every game from FF is (except FF-X2 and IX which sucked)

so u will be missing out large! and im guessing ur a xbox360 owner - what true RPG games do u have? what blue dragon hahaah or mass effect boring!

its ok - i know u will end up buying a PS3 so no point in explaining it to u

Bonsai12144005d ago

i have no doubt the game will be good, but i'm just saying that it isn't in game graphics, so its not much new. if i wanted to look at CG for versus, i'd just load up the trailer and watch it in motion.

plus, i enjoyed x-2. battle system was awesome, and i hope that xiii's would be like that without random battles..

(see everyone? i used the agree/disagree system correctly. i gave a reason for my choice, which leads to intelligent discussion, which is something this site is woefully missing.)

4005d ago
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