Did You Hate Sonic Unleashed This Much?

One of our YouTube subscribers showed much contempt to Sonic Unleashed that he went Postal on it. DNJGaming on YouTube comes up with a video for cracking Lulz. Did you have this much animosity towards Sonic Unleashed?

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Nike3042d ago

If possible, I believe every one hated it more. :P

GamerscoreWhores3042d ago

what annoyed me was, all they had to do was not re-invent the wheel and the game would of been awesome.

Trollimite3042d ago

i liked it! it really wasnt that bad! it had trophies, in game music. i dont understand all the hate!

Pennywise3042d ago

Trollmite, I will NEVER trust your opinion of anything after reading your post.

GamerscoreWhores3042d ago

The werehog was the problem.

The games longest levels featured the werehog and the boss fights were just damn tedious.

ShinFuYux3042d ago

This was a pretty decent game.